Make Your Music Sound Better ; 3 Tips to Grow as an Artist


Learn how to make better creative decisions – Follow these 3 tips and make your music sound better right now!

Creativity is the ability to link or combine ideas. In terms of music, applying your creativity to the decision-making process will help you to make better music!

make better music
3 steps towards being able to make your music soundbetter

Making creative decisions is tough! And it is no surprise that people struggle with the ability to get creative.

Maybe you are working a job, studying or raising kids? All of which are really important, and all full-time commitments!

Setting aside time in your life may be easier said than done, but it’s not impossible.

Music is the art of being creative, and creativity cannot be forced or planned.

If you want to sound better there will be trade-offs and certain sacrifices, but wait, just hear us out!…

In this post, we will delve deeper into the music-making process. You will learn 3 tips you can use to improve yourself. So that in no time at all you can get creative, be better and in turn and sound better!!

Focus on Yourself

In today’s online world of media and peer pressure, we can compare ourselves too much to others.

Too often, many new artists try to replicate big, well-known artists. It is easy to see why as the music you make is likely to be consumed by the masses. This seems like the safe thing to do because after all, they have “made it”. However, when you do the same thing as other artists it turns listeners off! This is something that can stunt your personal creativity.

Many people are influenced by the music they listen to, and having influences from other artists is perfectly okay.

Having musical influences is different from doing the exact same thing.

After all, it’s how we got to where we are today in the world of music.

To make better music, focus on yourself and your own music. Try to find something that makes your tracks different and stand out. Find your sound!

Create a ritual around the experience of making your music sound better

Making music is a creative activity. Try to manifest that inspiration and creative energy by creating a certain vibe.

Next you should dedicate a space where you can create. The mood of the space will definitely affect and influence what you can come up with. So maybe mix it up occasionally, change the colour of the bulb in the lamp, buy a plant etc. But basically, your space will serve you as the basic pulse for your next song.

An easy way to prepare for a creative activity like this is to practice mindfulness.

Even if you’re not into those sorts of things. Music is created from inspiration and it all starts within the spheres of your mind.

The most important part of mindfulness is what you experience in the flow state.

So next time before you’re about to write music, try out getting into a flow state for yourself.

“A flow state is an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.”

– Mihály Csíkszentmihályi (positive psychologist)

The process of being able to make better music in general starts with knowing the basics.

Deliver a message through your music

Music has always been a compelling way to reach the masses, lyrics play a critical role in delivering a message. For our final piece of advice for making your music soundbetter we recommend delivering a message.

Messages can take very many forms. Some have messages of love, of hope or of suffering.

Deliver a message to Sound Better

Making better music all comes down to how and what your music communicates to your audience. Did you know, music has an enormous influence, especially on the younger generation.

So delivering a message through your music can be a very effective way of spreading positive messages to society.

Lyrics, accompanied by great music, can be an inspiration to us all, regardless of the age of the audience.

Make your Music Sound Better – wrap up

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