5 FREE DAW’s – useful music-making software for music creation!


If you're looking for some useful music-making software, you're in the right place!

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Today with the internet and the power of people connecting and sharing there's plenty of useful music-making software available online.

Although all things considered...not all are available for free!

In fact, if you're not careful, music-making software can end up costing you quite a lot of money.

So when you can get software for FREE it's a no-brainer to do so right!?

With all the features and choices of digital audio workstations, it’s easy to drown in a sea of possibilities...

Which is why we've whittled it down for you to this list of just 5!

The music-making software included herein enables you to start getting creative right away.

If you like what you see, simply click on the link to download the music-making software of your choice today:




free daw

Pro Tools First is a great taste of the full version, especially for the look and feel of it. If you're just starting out this is the DAW for you. However, it might put some more advanced producers off who are looking for something different from ‘Logic’ or ‘Reason’ with how little plugin-ins & VST instruments are included in this version. 

MusicGateway.com - Pro Tools First vs Pro Tools


Pro Tools First is the free DAW version of Pro Tools - it uses the same format as the full version.

With Pro Tools first, you get a very similar user interface and workflow much like the ones many professionals use.

It was created to introduce the industry-standard DAW to new users who want to experience Pro Tools.

If you ever plan on working in a professional studio one day, then learning on this software will definitely help you as you're likely going to encounter it at some stage.

There are some limitations in the free DAW Pro Tools First as it only allows you 16 audio tracks and 16 virtual instrument tracks, but you can save unlimited projects locally on your computer as well as three on the cloud.

And it enables you to record up to four tracks simultaneously.

Just click here to download the Pro Tools free DAW today
https://www.avid.com/get -pro-tools-first

Please note: Only plug-ins bought directly from Avid within Pro Tools can be used with this free DAW, which you can learn more about by clicking here.




[Waveform Free] is definitely best for those who want to start demo-ing their work; it's perfect for getting those ideas down and taking them to another level.

Songwriting Magazine - Traktion T7 Review


Waveform Free is a full-featured free DAW that's a great choice if you're looking for free music-making software.

It replaces the previous Tracktion T7 version as the company's free offering.

According to the developer, Waveform Free is a “fully featured, unlimited free DAW”.

It lets you work with MIDI and audio and includes templates for things like band recording, podcasting, songwriting, and EDM production.

While this free version lacks some of the more advanced features, plug-ins, and instruments of the paid-for Pro version, the 4OSC subtractive synthesizer and Micro Drum Sampler are included and the Collective Sampler/Synthesizer is available to purchase as an add-on.

The futuristic synth that is included gives you the power to splice waveforms into aggressive new sounds.

You can bring in your own VST plug-in library so you're not limited to the stock effects that come with it.

You don't need a super-fast computer to get great audio recordings with it and if you end up liking it you can upgrade to their paid software called Waveform Pro which gives you some more effects, instruments, and tools for making great music.

Waveform Free runs on MacOS, Windows, and Linux and has no limitations whatsoever.

It's right up there as a first-class piece of music-making software especially if you are looking to keep things under the zero budget line!

Just click here to download the Waveform Free DAW today




Studio One 4 Prime provides a basic but solid sequencing platform for recording and mixing music, podcasts, and other audio projects.

BedroomProducersBlog - Studio One Prime Review


Studio One 4 Prime is the brand new free version of the flagship DAW Studio One digital audio workstation by Presonus.

It is arguably one of the most powerful DAWs on the market with tons of tools for creation, production, and even mastering.

If you're looking to get serious with audio recording as in more than just recording songs at home you may want to learn this software as it's another one that's making its way into the studio of many of the finest pros.

It features unlimited tracks, nine basic effects plugins, the Presence XT synth plugin, a guitar amp simulator, plus you also get almost one gigabyte of loops and samples so you can get started creating music right away.

Something to consider however is that it doesn’t support 3rd party plugins, you can't add any third-party effects or instruments just like Pro Tools you will have to upgrade to a paid version to be able to add your own plug-in library.

But if you’re looking to record your own awesome collection of live instruments, or record your own voice or band for example then the free version of Studio One is definitely worth checking out.

Some producers say that Pro Tools has a better workflow when it comes to audio editing but it's simply down to a matter of taste and personal preference so don't let that stop you from testing it out.

Just click here to download the Studio One 4 Prime free DAW today

If you want to take a peek at how it compares to PreSonus' paid-for versions then you can click here.

Please Note: Studio One 4 operates on 64-bit operating systems only. 




free daw

"Cakewalk by BandLab is a powerful DAW, regardless of cost. The fact that BandLab is offering it for free speaks volumes for its value. There is nothing to lose by downloading it, learning it, and using its features, even if you are already familiar with another DAW."

AudioAssemble.com - Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW Review


Cakewalk is another awesome free DAW and it's created by the cloud platform BandLab.

You get everything you need with this Free DAW to start making beats and music!

The free VST's included are a bass guitar, a drum kit, a piano, and a string instrument each with some great presets that enable you to cover a variety of styles of music.

It harnesses and continues the legacy of more than 30 years of development and is available on Windows.

Whether you’re a songwriter, producer, or composer, Cakewalk by BandLab has the instruments you need to build your production from the ground up.

You can compose, record, edit, mix, and master your music using this Free DAW - Creativity without limits!

You can download it today by simply clicking the link here

If you need any help with installing it just click here.





MAGIX Music Maker free is a great tool to learn how to make music and record MIDI or audio.

So if you're brand new to making music...

And you have no real musical background but you want to get started...

Magix Music Maker might be the free DAW choice for you.

Its library consists of 4 sound pools and 3 instruments which you can use as building blocks in your productions.

All the loops in the sound pool work together easily!

So you can mix and match them to create a track.

The program is pretty-easy to learn, it’s intuitive and you get the basic effects plugins plus a guitar amp simulator.

One disadvantage however is that it does not allow you to use third-party plugins...

You're going to have to upgrade your version like most FREE DAWs.

It's possible that if you are advanced in music production, and serious about music-making...

You maybe should look elsewhere but with that said don't knock it 'till you've tried it!

Just click here to download this free DAW today



Reaper 6 is considered, by many, to be the best-buy digital audio workstation on the market. It provides a tremendous amount of functionality and even some advanced audio editing features that can’t be found in other music production software.

BedroomProducersBlog - Reaper


Yes, you did just read that correctly, the quote does use the word "buy"...

And we'll explain why we've included it in our list considering it's not a totally free DAW.

We ask that you forgive us for this one!

As technically you can download the demo for free.

And you can use that for as long as you like!

So although, Reaper isn't a totally Free DAW because the full version costs $60 to purchase...

From a financial aspect, it competes really well against DAWs that cost 10 times as much or more!

The only limitation you may encounter is what your computer and audio interface can handle!

Why did we feel it's definitely 100% worthy of a mention?

Because Reaper is a full-featured DAW with no limitations.

The paid-for version of Reaper comes with a large collection of decent effects plugins.

Plus you can add all of your own third-party plugins which is a huge benefit.

The software runs very smoothly on most computers.

And you can even run it on a portable USB Drive if you want or need to.

One reviewer on G2 said:

"Reaper will help you record, master and produce your own songs and the quality you'll get is great. And as with everything, you must spend many days learning to use it the right way, but I think it's totally worth it. Also, the price is low compared to other recording software."

Just click here to learn more or to download Reaper DAW today


So if you want to get started today in music production...

Take it from here and choose one of the Free DAW's listed above and get yourself up and running today!!!

A DAW is something every music producer needs so don't delay! Get downloading today!

Once you've downloaded your chosen DAW, you can go at your own pace...

And begin getting creative and producing some top-quality original and unique music tracks!

???? Wishing you the best of luck! ????


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