5 Practical Tips For Spotify Promotion – How to Get Your Music Heard Via Spotify Promotion


Get Your Music Heard By Using Spotify Promotion, Gain More Listeners, and Grow Your Audience Fanbase!

Spotify Promotion has become a necessity for musicians as music streaming has become of major importance to the music industry.

Today Spotify is one of the go-to platforms for most music listeners as we mainly access music via our mobile phones.

With over 200 million passionate music fans around the world listening to music on Spotify, it's a great place for you to grow your audience.

Especially seeing as Spotify is currently one of the biggest music streaming platforms currently available for music artists.

Spotify Promotion for your music singles and albums is super important.

Uploading your music is the easy bit and really only just the beginning of your music journey.

By using Spotify Promotion in your music campaigns you will gain more listeners and in turn, grow your audience fanbase.

Music streaming platforms have made it easier for us to access new music and discover lesser-known artists.

Spotify allows for independent artists, and musicians to upload their own songs with just a few simple clicks.

But simply being on a streaming platform and uploading your track onto it does not necessarily equal success.

If you are an independent artist, you might have some trouble in generating streams.

And if you truly want more listeners and you are serious about getting your music heard, getting yourself some Spotify Promotion is your best bet.

Let's take a look at some of these advantages that Spotify offers us vs. other streaming platforms:

Verification is easy!

Do you want to get yourself the Spotify blue tick and be recognised as a musician?

If you answered Yes! You just need to verify your account. It really is that straightforwards!

Verification brings authenticity which goes a long way towards bringing attention to your music.

Spotify has made its account verification process much easier than other streaming platforms.

It means that as an independent musician, you can get your account verified right away.


On Spotify, there's a playlist for any vibe, mood, and for every type of occasion...whatever your taste might be!

This has opened a new channel for Spotify Promotion through playlist curating.

What do we mean by playlist curating?

It means you can get your music considered for playlists on Spotify.

Playlist curation grows your audience fanbase by making your music more visible.

And it also helps you to improve your online presence.

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Spotify Playlist Promotion

When it comes to Spotify Playlist Promotion, you will need to experiment and find out what works best for you.

Both algorithms and curators use streaming data from your artist profile.

This information is used and taken into account before you get featured on popular playlists.

Curators use a song's activity to make decisions.

Specific things like plays, saves, and skips, along with demographic information of the listener, are constantly being monitored and processed.

And it's this information that is used by curators of Spotify Promotion Playlists to make the decision to feature you or not.

Pitching to Playlist Curators

If you want a popular Spotify playlist to pick up your song, you first need to identify which Spotify playlist best fits your track.

Then pitch to the curator of that playlist.

To do this effectively, spend some time following some Spotify playlists and find the best match for your songs.

This type of research is more likely to bring results and help you to compete with the front runners and big players of the game.

The Pitch:

Once you’ve found the Spotify playlists that you would like your song to feature on, be sure to follow it and get in touch with the curator.

A pitch is way more effective when it's from the artist directly.

Spotify playlist promotion is all about making connections and building relationships.

Building relationships is very important, especially in the music world, as you may need to get in contact again with any new songs for Spotify promotion.

Do not forget to make connections with tastemakers.

You can do this at music events, conferences, and festivals.

If you find the task daunting, have a quick read of our article Get a 5 Year Head Start in Your Music Career.

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Leveraging Social Media

Spotify’s playlists are very powerful.

Because of this, a good playlist has many listeners in many different locations around the world.

This will increase your chances of being shared on social media.

You can also easily have your song embedded on websites and blogs.

Many other streaming platforms do not have this feature.

But with Spotify, a playlist can easily be shared and spread to new audiences.

On Twitter, for example, you can tag artists, labels, or festivals.

Also, using hashtags on Instagram is excellent for reaching a vast audience.

Another promotion tip for you is to share your playlist to Facebook, or you can send it out to your fanbase in an email newsletter.

Spotify is Easy To Use and Reliable

Spotify has undoubtedly become one of the global streaming leaders.

Because of this Spotify offers artists unprecedented access to their statistics.

This means that when you release your song you can know who is listening.

You can use this data and drive your marketing campaigns to gain better Spotify Promotion.

For the first time, you have up to date information about your audience and their demands.

Unlike other streaming platforms, Spotify has developed specific tools that help musicians to connect directly with their fans.

Spotify for Artists is a tool being offered that other streaming platforms do not have.

Want to know 'What is Spotify for Artists and how can you use it to kickstart your music career? just follow this link.

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