8 best virtual instrument plugins you can get now for FREE


In this post, you'll find the top 8 free best virtual instrument plugins. These VST's are available online today! You won't want to miss out on it!

best virtual instrument to download now

While you have to create an account for some of these instruments. You can also download others directly. We've included the links with each plugin featured below.

A few of these best virtual instrument plugins require additional software. But don't worry we talk you through it. You'll easily be able to figure it out because these are all must-haves. Plus its nothing that a quick Google search can't fix!

These are the best virtual instrument plugins for creating professional music without spending a fortune on expensive software...


8 best virtual instrument plug-ins:

DSK Instruments

The DSK Music site is run by a guy called Victor, from Spain. These are freeware VST instruments and are some of the best you can find around for free.

There are a lot of free VST instruments on this site. Just visit dskmusic.com. Just because they're free it doesn't mean they're of poor quality. In fact, you'll find it's quite the opposite!

You can find some great high-quality multi-sampled instruments there on the website.

You can download a lot of free stuff at dskmusic.com:

The video below shows you some examples of what you can do with these DSK free VST instruments. You'll see you've simply got to have them so be sure to check it out... Just click here to be taken through to the DSK site. Here you will be able to download whichever free VST instruments that take your fancy!

GTG 44

The GT44 is a free analogue VST instrument plug-in. It basically has all you need for good music production. It's an old-school analogue-sounding plugin and is the ideal instrument. Its features include:

  • Six voices
  • A sub
  • Filter envelope
  • A filter pitch envelope
  • Chorus Feature
  • plus much more!

You can preview it here in the video below. Or just click this link here to head straight over to the download page to get it for FREE today:

Video Source: 44 S || Free VST Plugin || Analog Synth by Free VST Plugins


The TAL-NoiseMaker is another favourite free VST instrument you should have in your arsenal.

This version is an improved reworking of the TAL-Elek7ro. It has a completely new synth engine and a lot of improvements. Especially in sound and usability - It's basically another intuitive all-around synthesizer with a very premium sound.

Its easy to use modulation unit has some great modulation effects. A ring modulator and a syncable triangle are also included as part of this synth. It also includes a small effects section. Included with this synth is a reverb, chorus and a simple bit crusher effect.

Check out the demo below or head straight to Tal Software to download it now:

Click here to be taken to the website to download the TAL-NoiseMaker


This Dexed instrumental plugin is a multi-platform, multi-format plugin synth.

It's closely modelled on the Jam AHA DX7 - the first successful digital synthesizer manufactured by the Yamaha Corporation from 1983 to 1989.

It was and still is to this day one of the bestselling synthesizers in history. You've most probably heard a song created using the Yamaha DX7.

You can check out how it sounds in this video here:

If you liked what you heard, click here to download the Dexed FM plugin today!

4Front Piano

The 4Front Piano VST is a useful plug-in for musicians who are in need of something lightweight. With low-CPU usage and an upright-style, acoustic piano sound.

This instrument is small on memory and the CPU usage. It was found to be useful by many users and software developers as a plug & play piano module. It does not require any configuration or adjustment.

If you're trying to get a free VST that doesn't sound like a stock piano then this one's for you...

Click here for the link to the download website. If you want to give it a listen to first, you can hear its sound in this video below:

T-Force Alpha Plus

The T-Force Alpha Plus by Mastrcode Music is the advanced version of the T-Force Alpha TS and is a really intuitive free VST instrument.

It has all the features of the Alpha TS with some updated functions.

It's easy to make uplifting trance sounds with it and you can also do a lot more, you just have to get creative! Check the video for sound examples:

You can find out more information including specs on the download page here:

U-he Tyrell Nexus 6

The Tyrell Nexus 6 is a free Analog / subtractive synth plug-in developed by u-he.

It is a great sounding synth backed by the u-he sound engine and possesses an intuitive interface.

This synth is a must-have if you love creating sounds like those possible with the Juno series from Roland.

Its features are what we might expect from a vintage synthesizer like the classic Roland Juno, such as:

  • Smooth overdrive in the oscillator mixer.
  • Filter output can be fed back into the mixer.
  • Unison mode, with voice index modulation source.
  • Envelopes can be looped or triggered via LFO.
  • Envelopes retrigger just like classic hardware.

Check out this demo video below and click here to download this free VST instrument from the website:


Helm is a free, cross-platform, polyphonic synthesizer. It has lots of modulation options and it was developed by a guy called Matt Tytel.

It runs on GNU/Linux, Mac, and Windows as a standalone program and as a VST/AU plugin.

Features include:
32 voice polyphony, a powerful modulation system with live visual feedback, dual oscillators with cross-modulation and up to 15 oscillators each, unison and harmony mode for oscillators, oscillator feedback and saturation for waveshaping, 12 different waveforms, 7 filter types with keytracking, 2 monophonic and 1 polyphonic LFO, a step sequencer, a simple arpeggiator and lots of modulation sources including polyphonic aftertouch.

You can hear every preset featured in Helm in this video below:

Go ahead, get downloading today and test it out for yourself, by clicking here the download should happen automatically

The 8 best virtual instrument pluggins - Wrap up

It's hard to imagine that so many quality tools are available for you to use at no cost. But free VST instrument plugins are one of the most exciting things about mixing. We hope that you'll enjoy all of the free VST instruments. That they will help you on your music production journey. Helping you make great music!

Whilst your here you might also be interested in these free Vocal Presets. Every download really helps us to grow Indiy and bring you great new content and services!

Good Luck on your music journey ✌️


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