How To Use LinkUp TV For Music Promotion – Learn Now


Why Link Up TV?

Link Up TV is widely known for being a platform that helps upcoming artists showcase their work.

It’s hard to get exposure nowadays with so many artists out there all trying to make it. Because of this, we wanted to let you know about LinkUpTV!

Platforms like Link Up TV help people to create an amazing music career.

It's true! Link Up TV has helped many music artists, from those who are perhaps lesser-known all the way up to Drake.

A good example of just how Link Up TV can help musicians is their hit freestyle series Behind Barz.

There are many artists who started off promoting their work on LinkUpTV's website, and thanks to the constant exposure and people liking them, their careers took off which is great!

Because it shows and proves just how much a promotional website like this can do for you.

It all comes down to you simply doing your best and creating great music.

So once you have the best version of your music finished make sure you submit it to Link Up TV and see if they will feature you

Of course, not everyone will always achieve Drake-level success, but you can get a lot of exposure with a website like Link Up TV and that’s what matters the most.

Is LinkUp TV a good platform if you want more exposure?

Yes, it really is.

And the reason is simple...

LinkUp TV is specialized in promoting this type of content.

Unlike YouTube, where in general, you rarely get specialized content like that.

It’s still nice to have such an opportunity, but you need to set the right goals and have realistic expectations to avoid disappointment.

One thing is certain, once you submit your music, people will hear it and if they like it, they can easily buy it or share it with others.

Drake Linkup Tv

Link Up TV is a creative & youth inspired online talent and entertainment channel showcasing unsigned and emerging talent.

On the LinkUp TV website, you can also find news, mixtapes, videos, exclusives as well as a list of shows and events.

So if you like a particular artist and want to know when they arrive in your area to perform, you may want to give Link Up TV a shot.

This is the ultimate resource for those looking to check out new music and explore fresh, up and coming artists.

It’s an amazing website and if you’re a music creator, it might very well be your way to stardom.

How can Indiy help with Linkup TV?

If you are looking to get your music on Link Up Tv you need to present yourself professionally.

To increase your chances of success we would suggest that you have a great artist image - we can help you with that just click here.

You can also achieve this by hiring a photographer or a graphic designer.

Another amazing service that can help is hiring someone to create you some great CD artwork or Social Media artwork.

To be considered by Link Up TV one thing you will definitely need is a video. You can find a music video director here on Indiy.

You should then look to hire someone to create a press release to help you create a buzz around your release.

Now you are ready to approach LinkUp TV.

If you are not successful at your first try, do not be disheartened. You need to take the experience as a learning curve and look to improve.

Keep pushing, developing and improving yourself as an artist and your time will come.


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