Start Listing, Start Earning

Ready to immerse yourself in our revolutionary new industry resource? As a creator, you may be more than eager to dive right in, but not without taking the right steps to maximize your earning potentials first. Follow our recommendations below to start making job listings that impress.

Nail Your Category

We crafted Indiy to be the new music industry, which is why you’ll have the opportunity to sell services based on a diverse array of categories. However, this also means you’ll have to be selling in the right category if you want interested buyers to land on your listing.

As you post your next job, you’ll be able to classify yourself with one of the following six category types:

  • Visuals: For CD covers, logos, music video directors, video editors, merchandise designers, promo graphics and more.
  • Promotion: For playlist creators, PR campaign directors, bloggers and more.
  • Tuition: For instrument lessons, vocal lessons, production lessons, songwriting lessons and more.
  • Sound: For song production, audio mixing, audio mastering, vocals mixing and more.
  • Legal: For contract reviews, contract writers, music legal services and more.
  • Other: For any additional services you think musicians deserve!

Craft an Attractive Title

Titles are the first thing buyers will see when browsing through our site, making them one of the most crucial aspects of a successful listing. Here are some tips we recommend following when crafting yours:

  • Optimization: Pick a title that matches what a buyer might search for, a Job listing titled ‘Awesome Music Services’ probably won’t show up under a buyer’s search for ‘Sound Mixing’
  • Clarity: Indiy lets you use up to 80 characters in your listing title, and we recommend using that to your advantage. Be as clear as you can with your title — while remaining concise — to let buyers know exactly what you’re offering. The less vague your title is, the better.

Utilize the Description Field

If your title inspired a buyer to click on your Job listing, your description should be what pushes them to complete the purchase. We want you to be as detailed as possible when writing your description, which is why we allow up to 1,500 characters with each listing. To make the most out of those, make sure you hit some of the following key points:

  • Be Detailed: After reading your description, a buyer should know exactly what they’ll get by buying your service. As such, you’ll need to lay everything out clearly and concisely — being vague could turn away potential buyers. You can use numbered bullet points, bold your words, underline your sentences or italicize a section to highlight important areas and successfully get your message across.Also let the buyer know what you need from them
  • Be Creative: By letting your buyer know what sets you apart from other offerings, you’ll be successfully painting a picture of who you are and what you offer. Make sure to talk about your unique strengths, talents and more! Of course, double-check your description to ensure it displays proper spelling and punctuation throughout.

Fill Out Your Buyer Requirements

When it’s time for your buyer to purchase your service, you’ll want to have filled out your instructions to the best of your ability. Creating a questionnaire makes it easier for you to fulfill your buyers’ order and ensures your buyer doesn’t feel as if they didn’t receive what they were promised.

In your requirements/instructions section, ensure you include questions that address some of these common concerns:

  • What type of service does your buyer need?
  • What do you need from your buyer?
  • How will you deliver your service?
  • Do you need to meet your buyer in person?

Most requirements will be unique depending on your service type, so don’t be afraid to

include additional questions you think might be relevant.

Offer Extras

The final part of creating a successful listing is optional, but it can be an excellent way for you to make extra earnings and further satisfy your buyers.

You’ll be able to adjust these to your liking, including how much they’ll cost your buyers. So, before you publish your listing, ensure you’ve reviewed and filled out these extras.

  • Extra fast delivery.
  • Additional revision.
  • Personalized extra.

Maintain Efficient Communication

If you’ve followed the steps listed above, congratulations! You can finally publish your service and take the next step towards a successful music career on Indiy. If you’ve done everything correctly, it shouldn’t be long until your dreams become a reality

Our final point should come as no surprise, but it’s a crucial one, nonetheless. Once your listing is live and ready for other users to discover, you should strive to maintain communication with any prospective buyers. This won’t only help establish your credibility in the long run, but also ensure you never miss out on a potential sale!