Top 10 Beginner Keyboards – Perfect your Piano Skills – Beginners to Pros


Are you looking for beginner keyboards?

Want to start learning how to play your favourite songs on the piano?

Learning how to play an instrument is one of the best ways you can spend your time.

From the real thing to modern applications on your pc...

At this time there are lots of unique tools to fit your own personal preference.

Among the most easily accessible instruments is the keyboard, or electric piano.

Keyboards are excellent instruments!

Since you can learn to play virtually any genre that you enjoy.

What's more, they're perfect if you plan to start producing music via a DAW.

But, regardless of what route you are choosing to take, everyone has to start someplace right?

And with this in mind, let us explore the best ten beginner keyboards.

These keyboards are developed to assist you in getting the best learning experience.

Perfect for enhancing your abilities, and optimizing your enjoyment.

As well as growing your musical ability, or simply just enjoying your hobby.

Indiy Beginner keyboards choice Overall - Yamaha YPT260

Yamaha is a remarkably well-known and admired brand, famous across the world.

This fact alone explains how exceptional their products are.

The power of their know-how is given to any pianist whose fingertips sample this beginner's keyboard.

Indiy Beginner keyboards choice Budget - Alesis Melody 61 MKII

With all of the features you'd expect in a top keyboard, for a cost that cannot be beaten...

Alesis has gone above and beyond the call of duty to create one of the hottest beginner keyboards.

Indiy Beginner keyboards choice High end - RockJam 61-Key.

In the first spot and for a great cost, RockJam has got a good option for you.

Including the keyboard, stand, and headphones. It has many additional features in a single beginner's keyboard, what more do you really want?

Indiy top 10 Beginners Keyboards

Casio CTK-3500 EPA 61-Key

Starting off our list of the best beginner keyboards...

We would like to draw your focus to the Casio CTK-3500.

That is correct; Casio does a good deal more than simply generating calculators and watches on the planet.

This is one of the most perfect beginner keyboards since it is not only a computer keyboard!

It is everything you require for your most complete music experience that will help kickstart your musical fire.

Casio CTK-3500

Included together with everything else you will find for this Keyboard package, you will find the eMedia DVD.

Upon loading the disc onto your PC, you'll discover over 50 professional classes!

All generated by computer specialist Irma Irene Justicia M.A.

So you can kickstart your learning at your own rate.

This keyboard comes with all you need to have a comprehensive keyboard encounter and can be used to create professional digital sound productions with a DAW also!

This is is one of the greatest beginner keyboards, incredibly lightweight and can be obtained everywhere!

Roland GO

Roland is just another front-runner when it comes to musical tools.

So picking them directly from the get-go is a superb choice at which you cannot go wrong.

If you're trying to find a dedicated newcomer experience this is one of the best beginner keyboards.

It comes equipped with full-sized keys, along with a steadfast and accurate key touch answer - which is uncommon in conventional beginner keyboards in the exact same league.

It's perfect as you will learn how everything functions efficiently both on the keyboard and with a DAW.

Built into this beginner keyboard, you'll discover 128-voice polyphony sounds.

It has a genuine piano sound that is both realistic and accurate.

Generally, with a Roland, you can just hone your general keyboard experience.

But, there is more...

You will also find alternate tools, such as electric pianos and organs!

The most recent fad with modern keyboards, which is only going to develop further, is having the capacity to link to other technological apparatus, which just enriches your expertise.

That can be true with all Roland keyboards, that delivers both Bluetooth audio service and MIDI controller.

Want to use this keyboard to power your own DAW software?

And also to manufacture VSTs when creating digital tracks on your PC?

This keyboard was made to completely support you across the way in the kind of being a MIDI controller.

Overall, the Roland GO really is a lightweight computer keyboard weighing in at only 8.6pounds.

And, though full-sized, it remains compact enough that you could easily travel together and set it up easily everywhere.

Regarding being a beginner who's looking for a keyboard, it really is ideal!

You may not find any reason to look further and pass up this keyboard!

Obviously, being a Roland keyboard, you will have the ability to appreciate its advantages.

And you will be able to study and listen to your music in your own way!

Whether it's by acting out loud throughout the integrated speakers...

Listening via headphones...

Or by linking to your tablet or smartphone computer!

Roland provides you with the choice to listen in your own unique way.

This beginner keyboard can Support all sorts of audio output choices.


The Yamaha Ypt260 61-Key


Yamaha is a massive name in the sound, audio, and sound stage business.

And there is no denying that the provider prioritizes their clients throughout.

With the high quality and functionality of every one of their product supplies...

This beginner keyboard, the YPT260, is no exception to the rule.


Yamaha Ypt 260


The YPT260 is specially designed with novice pianists in mind.

It follows the trend of supplying a 61-key design.

The design ensures you a successful learning experience, in that it is enjoyable to play...

And does not feel overwhelming to sink your teeth into!

There are a lot of useful features built into Yamahas beginner Keyboards...

Features such as 400 special voice noises, 112 of which seem incorporated to play together.

As well as 130 car accompaniments!

It has an enormous creative library that is guaranteed to keep you occupied and inspired to keep studying.

This beginner keyboard has a library with 384 special sound results and a total drum audio database - containing over 16 drums!

It seems that this keyboard will assist you to construct beats that you can blend and play together.

There are also special effects inserted into the memory, like reverb audio effects...

Another method that will assist you in enhancing your sound.

And find your personal style...

Something you do not expect from beginner keyboards.

This keyboard continues to shine.

Each of the inner functions is coordinated and managed through the completely backlit LED display in the middle.

And the audio quality is excellent - It is notable and the best we have heard for beginner keyboards.

OK sure, it's not revolutionary!

But as far as electrical keyboards go, this keyboard is pretty decent!

Yamaha appears to have paid special attention to creating a keyboard that is simple to use and get established with...

And you also won't need to be worried about anything being overly perplexing technically.

Simply plug in your keyboard, turn it and you are going to be prepared to go!


RockJam 54-Key


RockJam is a pioneer in the sound equipment industry!

Famous for making a wealth of beginner-friendly products and instruments that will assist you ease your way to a music career.

This is one of our favourite high-end beginner keyboards.


Rock jam 54 beginner keyboards


While this keyboard is slightly bigger and bulkier than some.

It doesn't mean that it overlooks performance!

Instead, you'll need less to be concerned about learning and more focused and concentrated on your skills, and techniques, and getting yourself accustomed to playing this exceptional beginner's keyboard!

This keyboard is easy to take along with you wherever you move.

Additionally, you'll be able to run the keyboard via an AC power source, or by simply filling it with batteries.

What to expect from the RockJam 54-Key

As with any professionally constructed keyboard, this RockJam 54-Key comes with a fully-backlit LED display that will help to supply you with feedback responses about the keys you are pressing, in addition to helping you immediately navigate through all of the settings and menus.

With this beginner keyboard, you get eight exceptional demo tunes that will help fuel your imagination.

There are more than 100 exceptional sounds effects.

And also the other 100 rhythms to play together.

It's also worth noting that although there are all those brilliant and extensive features that you'll have access to...

The RockJam beginner keyboard is still among the most economical keyboards on our list!

So if you're trying to find a keyboard that is not just beginner-friendly...

But one that also packs a punch and also stays complete with all you'll need; this might be the keyboard you have been looking for.

Among other reasons why folks love the RockJam computer keyboard so much, is that it includes a free App that will assist you to understand the computer keyboard easily.

This is referred to as the only mobile application on both the iOS and Android functioning systems.


Alesis Melody 61 MKII


In case you're looking for a mid-range beginner keyboard that is both affordable and promises to not break the bank whilst still containing a variety of premium features...

You are likely to be happy with this keyboard and enjoy the choice of turning your focus to the Alesis Melody.


Alesis Melody 61 MKII


This really is the perfect 61-key beginner keyboard!

It includes all the fundamentals you'll want when you begin learning.

But also has enough to keep you going for a long time to come without needing to put money into a larger and better keyboard.

What people love about this keyboard is precisely how reactive the keys are.

And the way it isn't important whether you are performing or just practicing on it...

The experience you get from this beginner keyboard is one only typically found in much more expensive models.

Another top feature that attracts lots of musicians to this beginner keyboard...

It's packed with over 300 separate samples and tones, all of which are immediately available!

You can layer them on your own paths however you want to or divide them up to work with unique components.

Everything can be done straight from this keyboard!

What's more, there are an additional 300 special tunes and rhythms available within one touch.

This could help to inspire you or help to get your creative juices flowing...

Or even assist you to understand the fundamentals.


With this beginner keyboard, you'll have all you require to get a wonderful all-around experience.

It includes an extremely easy-to-assemble rack for mounting anywhere and everywhere!

And it could also be adjusted for optimum comfort and playability with three individual elevation settings.


Every aspect of the keyboard is made with novice musicians in mind, making for the very best learning experience that you're likely to enjoy.

One of the best highlights of the Melody 61 keyboard is the fact that it is among the highest-rated, and most popular beginner keyboards accessible at the moment.

And with heaps of happy and satisfied clients around the world, there has never been a better time to begin enjoying the this Alesis beginner keyboard.


Hamzer 61-Key Portable Keyboard


If you are searching for a real music experience...

A keyboard that feels like a piano, but also ensures amazing sounding melodies.

Whilst staying easy enough for a novice to pick up and begin studying the fundamental strategies and techniques...

Then the Hamzer Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano is worthy of your attention!

It is an amazing beginner keyboard!


Hamzer 61-Key Portable Keyboard


Because of its 61-key full-sized key board, this beginner keyboard is the best middle ground between a conventional piano, mixed with an organ-feeling piano.

Like many beginner keyboards, this one includes added extras that will assist you to have a more comprehensive experience.

Including a rack for your audio sheets or tablet, a mic, a headset, and all of the wires you need to make it all work.

Since you may see, by comparing this beginner keyboard to one of the others listed here, it is a good deal more bang for the dollar and provides you with a very complete sound experience.

Though it is a bit more expensive than some other beginner keyboards...

It does include everything you require!

So if you are considering starting a music career, or you are simply considering trying something fun and enjoyable, why don't you treat yourself to the Hamzer 61-Key Portable Keyboard?

Whether you are purchasing a beginner keyboard for your kids to introduce them to playing...

Or buying it for yourself...

Whoever utilizes this beginner keyboard will fall in love with it.


Plixio 61-Key


Adored by children and adults equally!

The Plixio electronic beginner keyboard may appear complex and overwhelming, but that is nowhere near the truth of the situation.


Plixio 61-Key


This beginner keyboard is where Plixio excels.

The 61-key keyboard is a great choice for both kids and adults seeking to get into playing piano.

And it creates a fantastic environment for your entire learning process with a simple and pleasurable experience.


As we mentioned earlier, the number of switches and dials you will find from just looking at it may appear greater than your conventional beginner keyboard...

But it is really welcomed once you get through the initial learning curve.

These tools and features comprise over 100 specific rhythms, 60 full demonstration tunes, a whole lot of effect filters, such as chords, echoes, and vibrato, along with a wealth of management functions.

And it includes both a dedicated mic and headset port, finally creating the complete sound experience.


As with most beginner keyboards, this one is supposed to be as lightweight and streamlined as possible.

This means that you may take it with you wherever you go and perform everywhere!

The keyboard could be powered using an AC cable or even only six AA batteries!


Possibly the most fascinating feature of this keyboard is that it includes bass-boosted speakers.

You might not believe this to be essential to a beginner keyboard, but this will enrich your experience in every manner.


Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano


Now, the issue with most modern beginner keyboards is that manufacturers always attempt to make them too little.

As then you will not feel overwhelmed with all the keys!

While that does work in some ways, it can result in a few problems...

Sometimes it means forming bad habits and only knowing how to play within a certain range rather than studying the keyboard for its entire potential.


alesis recital 88-key digital piano


When you do go for a bigger, full-sized keyboard or an actual piano, you might feel not too confident...

But rather than feeling unsure of everything you are doing and scared that you could possibly use the incorrect technique...

It's all about your practice making perfect and as always with time you'll improve and become accustomed to it.

Alesis Recital intends to resolve this dilemma by offering among the very first 88-key keyboards designed especially with beginners in mind.


The recital includes five professionally recorded sounds such as piano (both acoustic and electric), bass, organ, and synth.

This is played out on the 88 accessible keys which are semi-weighted to supply you with a realistic feel similar to what a true piano feels like...

In addition to obeying a universal and genuine signature response that instills the true element, whilst staying suitable for novices.


The audio quality that this keyboard delivers is amazing!

Within the keyboard, you will discover an amazing 20W speaker program to fill your space with crisp and very clear audio.

And it supports interfaces like pedals, headphones, and microphones.


You can also connect this beginner keyboard to your computer, to a recorder, mixer, or essentially any other audio system you might intend on using to take your audio productions to another level.


Alesis does not stop there...

Once you've learned the fundamentals, this keyboard will assist you in taking your craft a step farther thanks to the added effects, 128-note maximum polyphony, and FX, for example, Chorus and Reverb.


Casio SA76 44-Key


Our next and last beginner keyboard suggestion is from Casio.

And it is a winner if you're trying to find a keyboard that is exceptionally lightweight for a beginner keyboard.

While just having 44-keys, this really is a slim-line alternative to a larger keyboard.


Casio SA76 44-Key


Even though the Casio Mini Keyboard lives up to its title and is considerably more compact compared to the other keyboards you'll discover on this list, it does not lack some of the superior, full-sized capabilities.


Most importantly, this Casio packs about 100 unique sounds to experiment and play with, and 50 listed rhythms to play together.

These sounds are unbelievably simple to select and cycle thanks to its broad assortment of buttons.

As you would expect from such a compact and mobile keyboard, you can use it while being powered by an AC link, or only six AA batteries in case you are on the go.


Despite all of its features this small Casio is still boasting.

This particular version of the beginner keyboard is also among the most inexpensive on our listing.

If you're searching for a budget option that will still provide you a wonderful introduction into the area of keyboarding...

Yet you don't wish to break the bank!

Then you might not have to look further than this beginner keyboard right here!

Perhaps more interestingly, you will find five committed drum pad switches incorporated into the dash of the keyboard.

Giving you whatever you require for the most complete keyboard encounter for a fraction of the price tag.


There is no denying the caliber of features that Casio has pumped into this beginner keyboard.

There are hundreds and hundreds of five-star testimonials from happy customers around the globe.

All claiming how long that this keyboard has continued to last them, which is particularly crucial if you are giving it to your kids!


RockJam 61-Key

Finally, to complete our list, we have picked another RockJam electric beginner keyboard.

RockJam 61-Key

Together with all the SuperKit, you'll find a 61-key, professionally equipped and beginner-friendly keyboard.

It has a high-quality pair of speakers to make certain you can listen in amazing quality.

Plus a comfortable, flexible, cushioned stool for sitting on in the ideal playing position.

There is also an added rack to mount your tablet computer or to rest your sheet songs on.

It also comes with free premium access to their free virtual computer keyboard and piano learning platform (on either iOS and Android stores ).

Plus two weeks of complimentary face-to-face classes using take lessons.

And of course, it also comes along with all of the cables you'll need to connect up everything and make it functioning.

Ready for you to get creative on!

Built into this keyboard, you'll find 100 exceptional sounds to select from, 100 rhythms to play together, and also 50 total demos tunes to understand, inspire, and get those creative juices flowing.

Overall, this is only one of the very complete kits which will leave you a very pleased and satisfied customer.


Still somewhat unsure of which beginner keyboard is best for you?

Don't Worry!

Yes, the conclusion can be overwhelming if you are uncertain about what exactly you are looking for.

So for the remainder of this guide, we'll go into detail about everything you should consider to be certain that you make the best choice for yourself.

What size do I go for?

The size of a keyboard depends upon the number of keys it has.

As standard, a keyboard may have 88 keys, however, it's quite rare for a pianist, even a professional one, as they will often only use the lowest or highest.

When starting out, 88 keys can be somewhat overwhelming, which is why the majority of beginner or home keyboards elect for 61 keys.

Still not sure...

Naturally, it is up to you to personally decide for yourself!

But here's something to consider...

The more keys you have, the harder it will be to learn!

Nevertheless, dedicating yourself to a larger keyboard can repay in the long run since you won't be developing bad habits.

Or even have to upgrade or purchase a second one near into the future.

What about the Sound Quality?


If the sound quality of your keyboard isn't excellent, you're not likely to enjoy playing it.

And your interest in wanting to play will fade fats.

Basically you'll be quick to quit practising it!

Quality is really important.

For this, focus on the speaker set up on your keyboard, and ensure that your preferred option supports headphone playback.

So when getting your first keyboard, your priority is mastering the basic techniques. That is the reason it's important to search for keyboards that match your vision.

It's also worth noting there are many keyboards out there that supply free courses. Usually, these are online or through a mobile app.

Often the apps also offer the ability to upgrade to a more advanced subscription.

And remember, we also have tutors right here on Indiy so be sure to check them out by clicking here.

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