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As a musician, your greatest skill could be expertly playing an instrument, belting out a beautiful ballad, or even writing amazing song lyrics. But one thing that seems to give musicians and non-musicians alike, some trouble. And that is writing about...themselves. It’s kind of awkward and you almost feel like you’re trying to sell yourself, which you are! If you want to be a successful musician you need writing services to share your vision with the world. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Avoid frustration with writing services for your music brand

Wouldn’t it be great if people could just appreciate your music without you having to tell them why they should? I agree. However, in today’s society with so many talented people at our fingertips, musicians have to find ways to stand out. You don’t have to do it all on your own though! There are plenty of industry professionals, even other musicians, who can help you with your written content across all mediums.

It’s a nice alternative for independent musicians who don’t want to sully their hands with developing a marketing strategy. Let’s talk about some writing services for diy musicians and how you can benefit from them.

Press Release Writing Services

Press releases aren’t strictly for journalism anymore. They’re a great way to get information to your followers as well as people who aren’t familiar with your music. Press releases are also great because they’re long-lasting and people can find them long after their initial debut. If you want to be taken seriously as a musician, you need a Press release for any project you work on and you want people to know about.

There are some tactics you can use to make people more receptive to your message. For instance, length is very important. You need a strong hook to keep people interested, but not too much detail that it feels like a reading assignment. If you need help finding the right balance, I highly recommend speaking with or hiring a pro.

Writing Services for Your Musician Bio

This is probably one of the toughest writing examples musicians need. I have to describe myself to strangers for their approval?...Pretty much! It sounds tough for a lot of people, especially musicians. Your expression comes from the music you create not what you write about yourself in a paragraph. Of course the idea seems a little foreign.

But it’s necessary if you don’t want to seem foreign to your audience. A biography for you or your band helps your listeners connect with you so make it count. This can help people like you for more than your music. They’ll like your overall brand and that’s pretty powerful and vital for longevity.

Writing Services for Your Socials

Of course, we can’t get through the list without mentioning social media. Some people were made for it. Writing clever captions and hashtags comes easy. For those of us not blessed with that wit, there’s plenty of social media copywriters in the world who can help you. And I do mean plenty!

You can narrow your search down by platform, purpose, services included, budget, delivery time, and more. Social media becomes a lot more fun when you aren’t doing the heavy lifting. At the core, it’s a way to communicate with fans, increase engagement, and boost sales.

CD/ Song Descriptions

A good song description helps give your listeners more insight into who you are – specifically at the time of the particular song. It’s an opportunity to show some vulnerability by sharing what life experiences were taking place at the time. What or who inspired you and how does this track fit into your musical journey? How have you grown since then?

Use song description writing services to show how your music has evolved

Of course, don’t feel the need to divulge too much information. You can leave some aspects open to interpretation. Check out these song descriptions by pianist Janeen Arens. Her songs are instrumental so it’s great to have those descriptions in the place of lyrics.

Writing Services for Your Website

A website is arguably the best resource you can have as a musician. The biggest problem is usually getting people to it! That’s where an SEO or search engine optimization professional can be a huge help. A good content partner can help with content writing, keyword research, landing page optimizations, speed improvements and more.

Once you’ve gotten your audience in the right place, you can really go all out with shameless self-promotion. Behind-the-scenes footage, your full merchandise collection, upcoming tours, newsletters, and blog articles can really keep visitors engaged.

Writing Services for Your EPK

An EPK, or electronic Press Kit, is basically a musician’s resume. Its purpose is to help agents and other music industry professionals get a sense of who you are. Also, much like a resume, it helps you get hired for more gigs! All the written content we mention in this article can go into your EPK using a template design.


Investing in these professional writing services will help you be taken more seriously as an artist. You’re putting in more effort than a lot of other musicians would and industry professionals will respect and award that initiative. Not only that, but you’ll also form an even stronger bond with your audience.

We all know how much that loyalty can pay off and contribute to the longevity of your career. For example, the Bey Hive, the A.R.M.Y, barbz! The most loyal and well known of musician fandoms.

We probably don’t need that level of intensity but you get the point!

Check out this article on DIY Musician Success for more ways to invest in your craft for a huge payoff!


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