What is the Indiy Mission?

Indiy is the revolutionary new service platform built for musicians, by musicians. 

We're shaking up the music industry to make it fairer, more accessible and easier to progress

for anyone with raw music talent, across the globe. 

How? By designing a transparent, peer-to-peer marketplace based on honesty, fair pricing and the

power of digital networking, to enable a grassroots movement of independent musicians to thrive. 

Why? Because we believe that building a career in the music industry shouldn't be

something that only a handful of well-connected people can achieve. 

That reaching millions of people with your music is a goal anyone can accomplish. 

That together, we can create a new kind of music industry built on

the power of human connection instead of 'big music' control. 

Because together, we are the music industry.

And it's time it worked for us. 

This is not the "old" music industry - it's something brand new. 

Our platform connects independent musicians with legitimate, peer-reviewed freelancers who

can help them make, distribute and promote their own music. 

Our team is based in Greece but we have A&R's and musicians from all over the world

Indiy Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve how the Music Industry works today.

We will reduce the barriers to entry. Make the industry fair, accessible and profitable for everybody involved.

Indiy Mission
Indiy Mission

Indiy Vision Statement

We will strive to become the spiritual home of musicians and related professionals.

We will be the home for those who are creative in nature.

We will help musicians find the skills, services and products they need when they need it.

We will make the workflow as simple as possible so musicians can concentrate on what they do best, making music!

We will provide world class customer service to all users.

What are you waiting for?