What are the job extras?

Job extras are additional services that your buyers can purchase to enhance their experience with you and make your package more tailored to their needs. We offer two standard extras - fast delivery and additional revision, yet you can add any custom extras to your job listing.

How will I know that a buyer ordered any gig extras?

The extras that a buyer purchased will be indicated in your order information.

Can I add custom extras?

Sure. You can add any extras that are suitable for your job listing and will enhance your buyers’ experience.

How do I define the duration of extra fast delivery?

As a rule, extra fast delivery takes half the time the standard delivery does. Nevertheless, it is fully up to you to decide how long extra fast delivery should take, if you offer one.

Is it a must to offer an extra fast delivery option?

No, it is not obligatory. If you believe that it is not possible for you to deliver the work any earlier, then there is no need to add an extra fast delivery option to your job.

How can I understand what the right price for extra fast delivery is?

Take a look at what other sellers offer, and you will see that on average extra fast delivery costs 10-20% from the total order amount. Nevertheless, you are free to set your own prices on any extras.

What is a revision?

Revision means asking to modify or add something to the end product, if it is in the scope of the order. It can be changing the color scheme for a CD cover, or modifying a transition in the track. Offering additional revisions is a smart move as it provides that extra flexibility that all buyers are looking for.

What if I offer only one additional revision, and a buyer asks for more?

Simply put a tick next to ‘Multiple’ in the Extra section, and your buyers will be able to purchase as many additional revisions as they need.

My buyer has requested revisions that were not in the original scope of the order. What should I do?

You will always be able to offer them extras, including additional revisions, in the framework of your current order. If there are any fundamental issues please contact us using [email protected]

How do I publish my job?

Fill out the required fields in all sections of your job listing, and press the ‘Publish’ button on the last stage of creating your listing - your services will immediately start appearing in buyers’ searches!

Will it be possible to modify my listing after publishing it?

Yes. Simply open ‘My Jobs’ page in your account, and press on the ‘EDIT’ button next to the job listing you need to modify. Don’t forget to save the changes, and you are all done.