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Why write for Indiy?

All great partnerships need to make sense for all stakeholders. When you write for Indiy, we will be building a new music industry and ethos together!

So what can we bring to the table?

  • Access to an audience of DIY musicians and music professionals
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What can you write about?

At Indiy we are about advancing the independent musician cause. We are open to anything that is likely to increase this goal and educate our members. If it makes sense to you please pitch it to us!

Some of the topics we really care about are:

  • Music Industry Knowledge - If you have any insight into the nuts and bolts of how the music industry works. Feel free to share the knowledge.
  • Music Industry News - Has something happened in the music industry that the DIY music community should know about? If so feel free to share the knowledge.
  • Music Industry Tips and Tricks - Do you have a different way of looking at the challenges that musicians face? If so feel free to share the knowledge.
  • Technical Music Tips and tricks - Do you know some great tricks on a DAW, plugin or instrument?

What are the rules?

We want to add values to our members and be open honest and fair with our contributors. This is why we have outlined some basic rules for transparency:

  • Always write unique content that has not been published elsewhere
  • Always provide high-quality content that brings value to the diy music community
  • Link to relevant, useful external content. Self-serving links are allowed but must be minimized and make sense.

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