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music business mentor
l will Mentor your career and guide you by providing sound advice and paradigms that will grant you the successes you are wanting in the music industry . l will also provide you a workbook and...
fixed Rate
200.00 $
I will record death , black and scream metal vocals for you
Are you looking for professional death or black metal vocals on your track? Why not hire a professional vocalist with nearly three decades worth of experience in the game. My name is Redouane...
fixed Rate
10.00 $
Get Started in the Music Industry - FREE ebook
Indiy members can download this Music Industry Ebook for FREE "Get Started in the music industry" - By Chris Hocking With this guide, we touch on the mindset and what it takes to be successful in...
fixed Rate
0.00 $
Album cover
I make album cover for artist 
fixed Rate
100.00 $
Hi i'm Chris and I am the CEO of Indiy I would love to hear about your current or next music project. I have been involved with the music industry since Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud launched! I...
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0.00 $