What is a cover image?

A cover image is the picture that buyers will first see when looking through sellers’ listings. Make it relevant to the services you offer, or place a good picture of yourself, which will make your job listing even more personal.

I do not have any good pictures of myself. What should I do?

There are dozens of royalty-free pictures on the Net. Use it as-is, or customize it for your job listing by adding extra text or making a collage.

Can I use any picture I find on Google?

We would not recommend doing so, as there can be copyright issues. Try instead to go to royalty-free websites offering loads of relevant images, and you will definitely find something that will suit your job listing.

I want a custom cover image, but have no skills to make one. Can you help?

Watch video tutorials on how to add texts to images or make collages in Photoshop - it will take you not more than a couple of minutes. If you are looking for something more high-end, browse through our catalog of sellers offering visual services, and find somebody to help you out!

I do music production. What am I to upload to images section?

We suggest uploading pictures of your studio setup, or the CDs or musicians you worked with before (don’t forget to ask for their permission!). This will definitely level up your services and make you stand out.

I cannot upload my image. What can I do?

If you are experiencing issues with uploading your pictures to Indiy, please contact us at [email protected], and we will help you out.

Do I have to make a video for every service I offer?

No, it is not necessary. The video section is mainly for those sellers who provide music video production services, and would like to present samples of their previous work. However videos do help you to convey your message effectively and convert sales.

Can I upload my portfolio to audios or images section?

Absolutely. The whole media category is devoted to your portfolio so that you can provide samples of your work, be it images, videos or audios.

I offer graphic design services. Do I need to upload anything to the audios section?

No. The audios section is generally for the sellers providing music production, mastering or mixing services.

My audios cannot be uploaded on the platform. Will you help me?

Sure. Please send us an email describing your issue at [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible.