Indiy Seller Standards

To reward our best creators and keep buyers safe from potential scams, Indiy encourages all users to maintain our standards as closely as possible. If you’re new to the platform, you’ll find the following guidelines to be some of the most important.

Rating System

As a seller, reviews will quickly become your best friend when it comes to strengthening your credibility on the platform and attracting new buyers to purchase your music services. When you’ve delivered your final product to a buyer, they’ll have the opportunity to rate your service between 1 and 5 stars, as well as leave behind a short comment. These stars will be visible both on your listing’s page and your public profile, so we recommend always striving to give the best service possible!


Ratings will factor into your overall seller reputation, which is also visible on your public profile. This calculation ranges from 1 to 100 and represents the level of trust and value you’ve provided buyers during your time as a seller on Indiy. The closer you are to a 100% reputation status, the more you’ll be regarded as a seller worth working with.

Top-Rated Seller

We want to ensure we reward sellers who consistently provide the best service possible and regularly receive glowing reviews from buyers, which is why we put the “Top Rated Seller” title in place. This badge of honor is granted to sellers who’ve impressed us with their dedication to exceptional customer service, timely delivery and overall value. If you receive this award, it means you’re on your way to a long and fruitful career with Indiy.

Indiy Top Rated Seller

Tips for Gaining Raving Reviews

To get started on Indiy with a head start and acquire initial glowing reviews,

ensure your meeting these points as a seller:

  • Reliable Communication: Buyers will be able to rate you based on your communication skills and availability, which means you should always be quick to answer new messages! Always be polite, and never say something unprofessional to a potential buyer.
  • Keep Your Promises: Failing to provide something you promised with your listing is one of the best ways to get a bad review. As such, make sure you always stay true to what you said you’d deliver.
  • Deliver On-Time: Late deliveries will disappoint buyers and impact your seller reputation. The earlier you can deliver your service, the better.

With this guide in mind, you’ll be able to start as a seller on Indiy with the knowledge necessary to succeed.

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