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Indiy Verified A&R

What is an Indiy Verified A&R

When you see the star icon above for Top Rated seller it means that the seller has been hand-selected to be part of our Indiy verified A&R network.

It means somebody from our A&R team has a relationship with or knows the reputation of the seller well.

What is an A&R?

A&R stands for “Artists and Repertoire”

An Indiy Verified A&R is responsible for finding new recording artists, bringing those artists to the Indiy Platform.

Indiy A&R’s are also responsible for bringing music industry professionals to the platform!

These include but are not limited to, producers, music studios, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, graphic designers, music industry lawyers and even music promotion experts.

Indiy verified A&R staff may go to hear emerging bands play at nightclubs and festivals to scout for talent. Personnel in the A&R division are expected to understand the current tastes of the market and to be able to find artists that will be commercially successful.

For this reason, Indiy A&R colleagues are often also musicians, music journalists or record producers, who take on this role to supplement their usual music industry activities.

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Indiy verified A&R music industry

How did A&R’s get paid?

Traditionally Artist and repertoire executives and A&R assistants find new talent to sign to Record Labels.

They receive percentage points off album sales in major label deals.

A&R’s are not the only royalty earners when it comes to finding talent.

Sometimes a music industry professional from outside a label can bring an artist to the company and earn similar points.

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Indiy Re-invents the A&R Role (slightly!)

At Indiy we are looking for A&Rs with relevant music industry/entertainment industry credentials to join our team of Indiy verified A&R’s

You will need to find sought after music industry professionals who can help our network of Artists and Bands be the best they can be.

You will also need to find Artists and Bands who have the potential to do great things but who need some assistance on their Journey 

You can earn up to 5% of all the transactions you refer to Indiy

If this sounds like an opportunity that you could get behind please email your CV and LinkedIn profile to [email protected]

Please see the full terms and conditions of the A&R Programme here