Do Spotify Followers matter?


As a music artist, If you ever wondered why you should care about the Spotify followers you have, in this article I’ll get deep down and explain every aspect of follower's and why they matter. So do Spotify Followers matter?

My name is Bear, and I have used Spotify for five years. 

As a music producer, I always think about promoting my music and how to monetize my work. 

After researching hours, I came to some conclusions about promotion and Spotify promotion in particular. In this article ill split the answer into subjects, so pay attention because you can even make money from this great platform.

The quick answer to do Spotify followers matter is yes and even huge YES.

Do Spotify Followers matter?

Why Do the followers matter?

First of all, Spotify followers are the ground for distributing your music on the platform. 

However, Spotify doesn't have a feed where the followers can watch the new content you make like other social apps we usually use. 

The followers can bring more followers to you by crowd psychology(if he has a lot of followers, I should follow too),

Just promote you by posting your music to their followers on other platforms, and some of their followers probably have similar music tastes, which leads to following you afterward. 

New Releases For You

Also, you get more exposure in the app as Spotify releases "New Releases For You" every week with all the new releases from the artists that the user follows.

On Friday, the platform put a row of new releases on the user Home Tab, And later all the week in the Discover section.

Release Rada

Your new releases get exposure on the "Release Radar" playlist, featuring similar artists that the algorithm thinks the user might enjoy.

Email List  

As Spotify says, "Think of your followers as subscribers to your mailing list on Spotify. They see your new music".

On Fridays, Spotify also sends the follower an email with featured new releases and a link to their "Release Radar" playlist I mentioned above.


Plus, Those followers help the algorithm optimize the system to understand the profile of your listeners, therefore featuring your music to people with a similar taste with a similar user profile. 

For The Future

Spotify said they are working on more ways to reach the artists' followers, so it's always good to grow this number.

So to sum this section up.

Spotify followers are like free promotion to your music because if you have 20k followers, all the 20k would be notified by three different places, and they work like your mailing list for free!

Those followers help the algorithm show your music somewhere in the app and even get more followers, so it's like a rolling snowball you should always grow.

How To Grow Your Spotify Followers 


The first more straightforward thing you should do to grow your Spotify followers is to ask - use other platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, or any other social platform to ask your fans to follow you on Spotify.

You can also ask at the end of your lives.

Download Gates

The following way to lead more people to follow you is to use download gates with a song. 

A download gate is a service that lets you upload an audio file like your song, and for the fan to download the music, he requires to unlock the free download by following you on Spotify. 

An extra tip is to tease part of the song on other platforms and lead them to the download gate, where you get an additional follower. 

Don't Post Only The Extended Version.

If your song is above 4 minutes, you should consider making a shorter version and name the longer version as an "Extended Version."

It would be best to do it because you are more likely to get chosen for playlists with the shorter version, which can help you get more exposure. 

Get Featured On Websites

There are a lot of blogs and magazines that would be happy to share and post a review of your work with their audience. Just find the suitable genre sites and contact them.

Collaboration With Other Artist 

Reach other similar artists and ask for collaboration, this way, you can get fans who probably like the genre. You could even ask those artists to remix your song.

Submit Your Song For Playlists Owners 

Some playlist owners with big audiences offer the opportunity to submit your song, 

for example, you can submit your music for Indiy playlists

You can also submit your songs for Spotify playlists consideration, but it's a much more complicated process to submit and get accepted.

You also want people to like your songs and follow you so that the Spotify algorithm would grow your exposure.

Use Spotify Advertising

Spotify itself offers an advertainment service

You can pay Spotify for more exposure which can lead to more followers. 

The ads can be aimed by demographic, locatwion, interests, and activity targeting. 

The service starts from $250 per ad set.

Use Social Media Ads

You can use different tactics with social media to promote your music. This one uses Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any social media that offers this option to promote your Spotify profile with your song. 

Before you approach this tactic, you should do your research.

(You can read more about this online or watch some youtube videos about the topic)

Extra Tip For The Playlist Makers

If your love to make playlists, you could make money from it by considering a song placement by reviewing song submissions.

You can get money from listening to cool music you like.

But you need more than 1,000 engaged playlist followers.

For The End 

Spotify followers matter, and you can consider them a promotion opportunity. They help the algorithm to show you more on the app, and they help artists to look more serious and famous.

You can now gain more followers and grow your music career with the methods above.

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