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Provide you with over 90 music contracts
I will give you over 90 legal music contracts in .doc format so you can add some protection to your ventures I will provide the .zip of all documents/templates to your inbox. Please note I advise...
fixed Rate
$ 5.00
Music Contract Review & Analysis
If you have been sent a contract or document, I am happy to review this and provide my opinion or demystify the legal jargon. I can review and provide my overall analysis and any recommendations on...
fixed Rate
$ 25.00
Music Rights Overview & Queries
I can answer any question you may have and provide detailed information regarding copyright and music rights issues. I can also just provide an overview of the various rights involved in music,...
fixed Rate
$ 10.00
Music Consulting and Adviser
I am a music consultant. I help give knowledge and advise to artist looking to do things the right way. If you are an artist and don't know the right steps to get your career off to a start, I can...
fixed Rate
$ 20.00
11 Must Have Music Contracts - Protect Yourself
Music industry contracts can be confusing and full of legalese. However, understanding the basics of music contracts is essential for any artist or band looking to protect their interests. Here are...
fixed Rate
$ 9.99