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What do you enjoy most about being an independent musician?

That I'm truly independent and there is no pressure from the outside, so I can really focus on myself and on what I like to do and that is creating music.

If we were to peek over your shoulder, what does your studio look like? What gear do you typically use?

Because we are living in difficult times, especially with the Corona era not over yet, I'm recording at home.

Literally, it's basic equipment like a studio microphone, microphone filter, external sound card, iMac... but I'm planning to upgrade this small setup even more, because even now it's not enough.

Do you enjoy recording and production, or do you like performing live and promotion?

I enjoy quite both, even performing live is more like performing digital these days.

I really enjoy recording tracks and putting all of this together as well as promoting it.

I think these named steps like recording, production, promotion, and other things are just a part of the process of becoming not just a better musician, but also a better human.

Because I'm an independent rap artist in a small country (Czech Republic)...

I have experienced a lot of stressful situations.

Many people have been like "oh god, how do I record the track?", "how do I master it?", "how do I present it as the best of me?", "how do I present myself - because I'm not that special as others", but I realized that doesn't matter at all.

So I decided to learn everything I need to succeed on my way to be the best version of myself as an artist... and there is still a lot of things that I want to learn :).

How would you want people to describe your latest project in a tweet?

Oh god, how to fit that into 140 characters? Let's see...

"original, breathtaking, heartbreaking,... I can feel, what are you feeling", because my last project was an EP called ME AND MY FACE, and it's a small peek into my thoughts and also my life, the area where I'm living, and trying to describe the current situation around me.

Do you plan your music releases, or do you just finish a song and release it?

Well, this is 50/50, because when "creativity strikes", there is nothing that can't break the plans... but on the other hand, I'm trying to plan my releases.

Because I don't want to spam my listeners with new things every week 🙂

What can we expect from you within the next 6 months? Any releases planned? Future gigs?

Hmmm, probably some singles and to be honest, there are few topics that I want to refine into tracks.

I'm also planning to promote my last EP and trying to catch up with other artists, possibly try to reach out to them and if the stars are aligned, you will get to hear some collaborations.

Are you planning any videos for your music? Are there any videos we need to know about!?

Right now, I don't have any plans for any videos for my music... but it's not like I don't want to make them.

To be honest, I have many ideas about how to visualize my music but due to past health issues, I have lost most of my contacts... so you can say I'm at the beginning.

But I'm not sad or upset or something like that, but quite the opposite...

Because I'm catching up on social media!

Matter of fact, I've started to create my own content on TikTok and Instagram Reels! 😀

Are there any collaborations past or future that you are excited about? Producers, artists, instrumentalists, or songwriters?

In the last few years, I enjoyed working with my dude LB.

Matter of fact, I've known him for more than 10 years and together we did great things.

What I would like to mention was a collaboration with Driss Wolf, Zneim Honor, and Hardy Z.

Together with these guys, we were able to make a great track called "Diagnóza Rap" (Diagnosis Rap)... and for me, this collaboration was a sign that we, as artists, can create something together, even when we aren't in the same room and support the local Czech Hip-Hop community.

What inspires your creative process?

Literally almost everything!

I know it's hard to explain, but when you look around yourself there is so much to see and what can you feel.

What are your top five favorite albums of all time? Why those albums?

Gosh, this is so hard, but I'll try:

DMX - Grand Champ, because of its energy and various moods of the tracks, plus the great work of producers on that album.

Jim Jones - Pray IV Reign & Jim Jones - El Capo. Both of these albums, because of his development as a rap artist.

Trae Tha Truth - Exhale, because of his development, not just an artist, but also as a man with responsibilities.

Who makes up your existing creative team?
i.e. photographers, video directors, social media managers, paid media specialists, stylists, hair, and makeup…Name someone who you think deserves a special shout out?

Heh, because there isn't a creative team at all (I'm like a one-man-band man show!)

I would like to shout out to my family and my sister!

She helps me and is still helping me in times of losing my confidence, but also is guiding me when it comes to social media.

I would like to shout out my previously mentioned people, so shout out to LB, Driss Wolf, Zneim Honor, Hardy Z.

And the last shout-out goes out to other rap artists and not only in the Czech Republic, also those who are trying to do their best... it's worth trying!

Where can we find you on social media?

Uh, okay, you can find me on...

Instagram: @d_toc

On Spotify: D-Toc

Apple Music: D-Toc

On YouTube: D-Toc

And on SoundCloud: D-Toc

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