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What do you enjoy most about being an independent musician?

I would say it's more the factor of knowing I'm contributing to the culture of hip hop and showing how much it means to me as an artist.

Mugzy, can you talk us through your studio experience...

When I was starting out my career, I had no knowledge of the $$$ towards studio sessions plus the quality & time that had to be put in.

I thought you just go into the studio...pay a few 100...hit the record button and then the next minute with a strike of luck, be the next "Eminem" haha!....oh I was naive & wrong!

Later on, when I became more developed as an artist, networked, broadened my genre horizon then I realized it's about the solidarity of the music more than the sake of recording.

Do you enjoy recording and production, or do you like performing live and promotion?

Love the recording process more. Just having those lyrics on the paper, then speculating, concepting, structuring the "blueprint" with the producer.

Waiting to see how the final sound will come out for my audience to hear...It's almost like an out of body experience!

How would you want people to describe your latest project in a tweet?

5 Element Hip Hop Kido...

Do you plan your music releases, or do you just finish a song and release it?

No, I'm old school! I have to release full projects...Either digital or physical with artwork and credits.

I feel like with one song releases it becomes a bit messy...Maybe it's my over-compulsiveness haha but ay it made "Russ" successful so I don't know what the future holds for "Mugzy"!

What can we expect from you within the next 6 months? Any releases planned? Future gigs?

I actually want to get back into the studio ASAP.

My second album (Understand Me) was released in 2013, so it's been 7yrs since I've released anything NEW.

I've kinda been slacking on music because I've been getting into a lot of acting but I miss music so much especially the highs and the adrenaline of crafting new work so I've got a ton of work to do!

At the moment I have a TON of beats on my iPod. Most are other peoples instrumentals, even from the likes of Greek Producer "Yanni" but when I sit back and listen to them I can hear them sounding like masterpieces so when the time comes I'll figure out how to use them.

Also for my third album I want to do a 3-disc (That's right a triple as 3 is my LUCKY number!!!) and pile as much music & craft into it as possible.

Thats all I can say at this point nothing more! Cant wait it's gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster....2020 fans will def hear something once again from Mugzy 😉

Are you planning any videos for your music? Are there any videos we need to know about!?

Have to wait and see 😉 maybe ill drop some "easter-eggs" on my page like how "Marvel & DC" do...but hip hop style 😉

Are there any collaborations past of future that you are excited about, producers, artists, instrumentalists, or songwriters?

Collabs-wise I've been in talks with a couple of industry hip-hop heads through social media and they've been GOOD & pretty BIG names as well, such as Solomon Childs, J-Wess, Masta Ace, Slo'Down, Redman.

It'd be DOPE to get them on my third album but who knows?

Maybe if not for my third album, then 100% definitely on future projects, that's how hard I hustle and I'm only a one-man team SO GIVE ME THE DREAM! haha!

Which artists inspire your creative process?

I became interested in hip-hop music and the culture of hip-hop when I was 14, so in 2005, my early years in High School.

Around that time I guess you could say I was a bit of a loner which caused me to get punked & bullied a lot.

Also, my grades were failing and I couldn't see any avenue which I could take in life when I finished school.

So instead I bought myself an iPod and started listening to artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Tupac...

Eminem was the one I could relate to the most (even to this day).

I know It sounds cliché because I'm a typical whiteboi myself but just the aggression and anger in his wordplay and lyrics, kinda gave me a voice to say "I don't give a f***!", a platform to fight back and take no sh** in this world.

Starting off, I would drop down small rhymes in my workbook, but I knew if I wanted to progress I would have to write full lyric songs.

Also, I knew if I wanted to be known or respected by the general hip hop community, who loves it as much as I do, then I would have to do my homework, take a trip back in time where it all started, in the '70s of South Bronx, and learn bit by bit!

What inspires me about the culture of hip-hop is that it's the ONLY music form that you can express yourself in any way, shape, or form possible.

You pick any other music genre...Rock, Pop, Rnb, etc., etc., trust me! They don't have the same effect that hip hop brings! That's why I love it!

I've been in the game for 14 years. Done 2 Albums (working on a 3rd atm), gained radio play, magazine articles WORLDWIDE, fan base WORLDWIDE, featured in multiple independent films, starred in TV Commercials...the list goes ON and ON! And I haven't stopped yet!

Hip-Hop changed my life completely, I'll rep it 'till the day I die!

I love it too much...It saved my life!

What are your top three favorite albums of all time?

Michael Jackson - Thriller
Eminem: Marshal Mathers LP
50 Cent: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

Who makes up your existing creative team?
i.e. photographers, video directors, social media managers, paid media specialists, stylists, hair, and makeup…Name someone who you think deserves a special shout out?

My family. They mean the world to me.

Entertainment execs come & go...Family is forever!

OK Mugzy...finally where can we find you on social media?

I'm always on Facebook, I think I use it way too much but doesn't everyone! So hit up my fan page link here at https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMugzy/

There you will find everything I've done in my career so far...gigs, releases, got-to-meet, etc., etc.

Also, it will keep you updated with future things along the way in my career, such as updates on my upcoming third album.

My Reverbnation Bandpage profile is https://www.reverbnation.com/mugzy187 (ALL TRACKS ARE AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD).

Youtube: Mugzy Brady there you can see interviews and live performances.

Twitter: Tweet me @Mugzy187.

So yeah drop me a line about anything, even if it's to chat.

I always tend to get back to everyone!

Don't forget to give me a 'LIKE' to the more LIKES the better!!!

Here is a mini performance & shout out vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kngik2G1SO8

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