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What do you enjoy most about being an independent musician?

As an independent musician and artist, I enjoy being in the studio by myself the most. There aren’t any distractions, it’s easier to get the songs laid and ready, and if something comes up you can always pick up where you left off without any hesitations.

If we were to peek over your shoulder, what does your studio look like? What gear do you typically use?

I always go to my personal engineer. He stays getting the job done on my music production.

Do you enjoy recording and production, or do you like performing live and promotion?

This question is quite tricky, but I’d have to say both! I love recording and hearing myself through the mic, but I also love performing live in front of my fans.

How would you want people to describe your latest project in a tweet?

In a tweet, I’d want people to describe my last project as "LIT" !!!

Do you plan your music releases, or do you just finish a song and release it?

I plan all my music releases to give myself time to be ready to perform live and give my fans time to learn the lyrics so we can rock out .

What can we expect from you within the next 6 months? Any releases planned? Future gigs?

Within the next 6 months, I’ll have a completed EP out and ready, so be expecting that.

Are you planning any videos for your music? Are there any videos we need to know about!?

I always plan video shoots for music and try to get them shot and out ASAP.

Are there any collaborations, past or future, that you are excited about? Producers, artists, instrumentalists, or songwriters?

The collaboration with La Millione IV was yet the best one I’ve done so far.

Our song “Drop It For Me” is definitely lit. Go check it out!

What inspires your creative process?

My enthusiasm and humbleness inspires my creative process the most and keeps me motivated in everything I do. Patience is the key .

What are your top three favorite albums of all time? Why those albums?

My top 3 favorite albums of all time are Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne, Astronaut Status by Future, and B.U.I by F S Rudy.

I picked those three artists because they are my top 3 inspirations in the music industry.

Who makes up your existing creative team?
i.e. photographers, video directors, social media managers, paid media specialists, stylists, hair, and makeup…Name someone who you think deserves a special shout out?

My creative team includes myself and my engineer, La Millione IV.

Where can we find you on social media?

My Facebook is Shaye Stackzz, my Instagram is @shayestackzz12, and my YouTube is ShayeStackzz Harris.

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