How to make home recording studio – 5 Essential Home Studio Tools to Get Started With Home Music Production


Get Your Home Studio Running With These 5 Music Production Essentials - Learn how to make a home recording studio today!

how to make a home recording studio

How to make a home recording studio

As you know, gone are the days when major labels pulled all the strings in the music industry.

Music artists like Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper are wildly successful. They are prime examples of people who have made it without having to sign with a major record label.

With technology, many of the tools needed to produce music fit right in the palm of your hand today.

Plus all of this without breaking the bank. It's totally possible for you to make music from the comfort of your own home!

Technology has levelled the playing field. Whether signed to a label or independent, the opportunity to arrange and record high-quality music is available to all.

In this article, you will discover the 5 essential things you'll need to set up your very own home studio. Make sure you get these and you can start recording songs and making great music!

5 essential home studio items to you need to start music production from home are...

A Computer


The very first piece of equipment that you'll need to own for your own home studio is a computer. You need something that is solid, reliable, and well-performing computer or laptop.

Buying a PC or laptop is an investment. When looking for one, ensure its compatibility with important interfaces and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software options.

Be sure to look out for one that has a good size screen. Then you need to get technical. For instance, a 64-bit processor / operating system is a good start. Ideally, with a minimum 2.2Ghz i7 quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage SSD is preferred.

You want a computer that's going to perform well and not get in the way of your creative flow.

You can click here to check out 'The Beginner's Guide to Music Production Computers' if you want to learn more.

A QUICK MUSIC PRODUCTION TIP: It's always wise to back up whatever you make somewhere else for safe measure, like on an external back up hard-drive.

Midi Controller

how to make a home recording studio - Midi controller

Not all midi controllers can offer you the same value for your money and the usability will also differ. It will ultimately depend on your preference.

There's a variety of midi controllers available to choose from and each will have different workflows and different configurations.

You'll want to get into your creative flow whilst using it. A good idea is to try out different midi controllers at your local music store. You can find out which works best for you before you commit.

E-Home Recording Studio lists The 8 best Midi controllers for home recording.

Digital Audio Interface

how to make a home recording studio - Digital Audio interface

Your home studio experience will not be complete without a digital audio interface.

Digital audio interfaces convert digital and audio signals.

Simply put, a digital audio interface is a device that makes sure you get sound in and out of your computer.

For example, just think of smartphones, tablets, and computers, they all come with built-in audio interfaces.

Audio interfaces are available with many different configurations and specs.

Sweetwater has compiled a list of audio interfaces here: best digital audio interfaces for your home studio..


how to make a home recording studio - Microphone

Ever seen a home studio without a microphone? Me neither!

Some may say the Shure SM-57 and SM-58 are the industry standards of microphones.
Both are indeed reliable and dynamic vocal and instrument microphones.

For the best sound clarity, pop filters or pop screens can do an amazing job of capturing high-quality sound.

Monitors (Speakers)

Monitors (Speakers)

Any speaker placed for the purpose of a musician hearing their own performance is called a monitor.

There are many available and within the range of monitors, you can opt for speakers or headphones, or both!

You'll want an accurate and exact representation of the actual music you're making. So having a solid sound from your studio monitors is very important.

No need to go all out with the most expensive monitors but choose wisely.

You can take a look at some affordable to high-end studio speakers for musicians and producers by

How to make a home recording studio - Wrap up

We've covered all of the 5 essentials you'll need to start building your home studio.

As mentioned earlier, there is no need to splurge when building your first studio on a budget.

Once you've purchased these 5 essentials for your home studio, you're all set and ready to make that magic happen!

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