5 Tips on how to write song lyrics – improve your songwriting today


So you have the basics of how to write song lyrics. However, in this article learn how to write jaw-dropping lyrics with 5 easy Tips. Let's jump in!

how to write song lyrics

How to write song lyrics 101

Being able to write amazing lyrics is essential for a song to be great!

But first of all, before you put too much pressure on yourself it's important to understand some basics. There is no right or wrong way of how to write song lyrics. You simply just have to put pen to paper and away you go!

Songwriting and having the ability to write amazing lyrics is, after all, just another form of art. It's simply an expression and the application of your creative skill and imagination.

The process of writing song lyrics, as opposed to writing a novel, can be more personal. Every writer has a different approach. What works well for one lyricist, might not necessarily work for another.

How long does it take to write a song?

Some songwriters will only take 10 minutes to write a complete song. Whereas some will need days, weeks, or sometimes even months!

Whatever the time scale you're working to, don't worry, we've got your back...

By the time you've finished reading this post, we hope you'll have gained some fresh knowledge. Knowledge that will make you feel inspired and ready to get out of the songwriter's running blocks!

Soon you'll be able to put pen to paper, finger to keyboard, or voice-to-text app! and get some amazing song lyrics down!

"Like any other creative process such as playing guitar or programming synth sounds, lyric-writing is a skill that can be learned and improved upon"

Quote Source: 24 tips for writing lyrics By Chris Wickett on MusicRadar

Consider Common Themes

Our first tip for you is to practice relating your real-life experiences with common themes. Use this as a way to develop a connection with your audience.

To write amazing lyrics, just think back to some of your most memorable experiences in life.

Writing about something that others can relate to is a powerful way to connect with your listeners.

Lyrics can hit hard when you write from a place of experience. They can make your innermost feelings and emotions known. This might seem scary but putting your experiences and emotions out there is an important risk to take. After all, Feelings are the 'why behind what we buy!'.

By writing this way, you can really engage your listeners and make them more responsive to your music. Either through connecting with their imagination, experiences or their current phase in life.

Common themes include:

  • Love
  • Coming of age
  • Death
  • Revellion
  • expectations of society
  • teenage angst

Search for stories

Our second tip to write amazing lyrics is to search for stories.

These stories can come from anywhere. Books, newspapers, films are just some. You could even think about a story that has been told to you by a family member or a friend.

You'd be amazed by how a good story frequently revisits our mind and set's off our imagination.

Many songwriters say the inspiration for lyrics actually came from a book they've read. Music has long been a way of handling all that life throws at us. And like books, it can serve as a way to escape.

Turn your emotions from experiences into melodies. Use it as a form of therapy! However, if you feel like you don't have many experiences don't worry. You can use stories to draw ideas from. Start searching and once you've found the one you like, write from your perspective.

Study rhyming schemes

Our third tip towards getting better at writing lyrics is to study rhyming schemes.

Rhyming schemes are not always necessary. But for some strange reason, rhyming rhythms are especially enjoyable and sensuous to our ears.

Having a rhyming scheme in your lyrics can give the effect of making your words flow better.

There are several rhyming schemes that can help you to write amazing lyrics...

Be sure to check out this 'Rhyme Scheme' article - just click here. Or head to Literary Devices and learn 10 different schemes you can use and incorporate into your next song. They even give some short examples so you can really get it and understand how to make it work.

Study song structures

Knowing about the different components that make up a song is essential. The structure with songwriting means the different sections in a song.

Understanding things like what's an intro? What's a verse? Where should the chorus go? Where can I put the bridge? or the outro? Are really important!

Knowing how to structure a song will help the writing process and help you get amazing lyrics

How a song is arranged can play a vital role. It can decide whether the listener is invited into your world or kept at arm’s length unable to connect.

MusicRadar explains the anatomy of an arrangement and the types of song structures that are out there. Click here to have a read. You can also check out this Songwriting 101 article by MasterClass.com which explains all about common song structures.

Tell a story

The final tip is pretty much what we've been hinting at the whole time... The unwritten rule of all communication and making a connection...tell a story!

Think of Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' for example. This song depicts the naive innocence behind a friendship. He manages to tell us of his affection about this character without us even really knowing very much and it promotes love.

Storytelling in lyric-writing can make way for using metaphors and you can create powerful lyrics with a great metaphor!

"A metaphor is “a figure of speech that describes an object or action in a way that isn’t literally true, but helps explain an idea or make a comparison.” Often used in music, movies, poetry, and books, metaphors are used to deepen the color and imagery of comparisons."

Grammarly - Metaphors

A great story makes you feel and relate to the narrator and the key to great songwriting and having the ability to write amazing lyrics is when the author can make you feel an emotion without having to use many words.

How to write song lyrics - Wrap up

Fortunately, today most songwriters can use different tools to aid them in being able to write amazing lyrics.

Apps for songwriting can be extremely helpful. We've already compiled this list of The Top 5 Apps for Songwriters and Music-Makers

If you follow these tips, we can guarantee you'll be able to improve your writing and leave a lasting impression on your fans!

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