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How to Boost Your Social Media Fan Engagement and Grow Your Fanbase


Is your fan following not growing? Once you’ve finished reading this article you will have 3 simple but effective strategies that you can implement into your current game plan to help you grow and expand your fanbase, just read on to find out more!!!

In today’s world, social media has proven to be a highly beneficial promotional tool for musicians when it comes to fan engagement.

Ensuring that you’ve got a solid and consistent online presence is vital for promoting your music, engaging with fans, and continually growing your fan base. Having a strong social media strategy will also connect you with music industry peers allowing for new opportunities to present themselves.

You’ve probably heard it before but the online world of social media can seem like a daunting task for any artist looking to connect and share their music.

These 3 social media tips will help you to develop an effective strategy that you can incorporate into your overall marketing strategy.

The following 3 proven tips – adopted by many big-name artists, will show you how to boost your fan engagement on social media, increase your following, as well as promote your brand:


Create a conversation to accelerate your fan engagement

fan engagement

Instead of thinking about social media as a platform to push your music out to the rest of the world, think of social media as a two-way conversation with your fans.

Your main goal when it comes to using your social media platform should be simple – to have a conversation.

Instead of constantly sending out messages about yourself bombarding people about your next track that’s dropping or in what city you’ll next be playing, (don’t get us wrong that information is important) but maybe try getting your fans involved instead?

Use these topics to start up a conversation!

Ask them questions related to your content for example. 

If you’re playing in New York City post the question in advance “Is anyone going to be in New York next weekend?”…Put the post up of the advert to the gig but also start up a conversation about it!

Just think how good it would feel to a fan if they engaged the question and got themselves a personal invite from yours truly, instead of a generic notice you’ve posted to your wall. It could make the difference of whether they’ll show up to watch you perform or not!

This is a great way of inviting your fans into your world and will do wonders for your fan engagement. Because remember, people will forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel!

The ability to share songs, albums and playlists on social media platforms has given people new ways to show their followers what they’re listening to.

In 2018, Facebook introduced music stickers on both Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Stories. The feature allows users to add a song to their story, putting the powers of personalization in the hands of the users and allowing music fans to share their latest favorite tune.

Two-thirds of social media users agree that they discover new artists on social media, and nearly 60% are visiting online streaming services/platforms to listen to music after they see an update, tweet or post.”

– Sean Cole of Econsultancy

Use video to engage your fans


When we talk about fan engagement, an important tool often mentioned is the use of video content. Why? Because a video is the best tool to use for storytelling and engaging your viewers.

Videos bring two things to your engagement strategy that will capture the attention of your audience: sound and movement. These two distinct sensory things play a vital role in capturing your viewers’ attention and keeping them engaged.

Our brains love video content because it’s naturally programmed to retain visual content, more so than written content. According to Sheffield Audio Video Productions, 64% of consumers or fans are more likely to follow up with a brand or artist after watching a video.


Use pictures with context

The final tip to help you get ahead with your fan engagement is about not just posting a picture, but posting pictures with context.

Developing a personal connection with your following will help you to strengthen the relationship you have with your fans. How you communicate via pictures to your fans will make a huge difference to whether someone is likely to engage or not.

It’s important that you show your real personality through the pictures you share and post. 

Out of all the social media platforms that exist, Instagram, and Snapchat are currently immensely popular and what do the two have in common?

They are both platforms that revolve around pictures and video content!

A great way of using pictures to boost your fan engagement is by using your pictures to start a two-way conversation and ask questions that will evoke reactions and responses to your content.



With these tips you should be well on your way to improve your fan engagement!


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