Gain Plays on Spotify 101


The Spotify Algorithm Explained - Understanding How You Gain Traction and Get Featured on Playlists

Are you looking to gain plays on Spotify and get more traction for your music?

Relying on the digital streaming service means needing to understand how it works exactly.

The first thing to understand about the platform is that it uses something called an algorithm to decide whether to feature you on a playlist or not!

We’re breaking down the Spotify algorithm to help you to understand how it works.

And also to give you the best possible chance of landing your new releases on the popular music streaming service’s organic playlists.

Gain Plays on Spotify
Five Ways to Make Your Discover Weekly Playlists Even More Personalized

It’s important to understand how the algorithm thinks and why it seems to favour certain tracks over others.

Spotify is designed to showcase emerging musical talent, giving new artists a shot at getting their music heard by new listeners, without having to pay expensive promotional fees to help them build a solid fanbase.

Every time a Spotify user adds your music to their library or playlist, the algorithm pays attention and takes notice.

The algorithm looks at the number of followers you have and the number of times your track has been streamed, played or skipped.

It takes this information and adjusts accordingly. 

These important factors decide whether the platform will give your tracks more exposure or not and in turn make them more or less likely to be heard by new fans, bloggers, vloggers and potentially even record industry personnel.

The beauty of this is that it doesn’t cost a penny and it also means that the playing field is level between you and anyone else who is also trying to make it as a music artist.

You have a real chance of getting free publicity and exposure to propel your journey into the music industry.

Spotify's ‘Discover Weekly’ is a great example of an algorithm-generated playlist that is on the platform.

Getting onto a playlist is definitely how you are going to get more plays on Spotify.

Each track is personalized to the unique tastes of the person listening to music on the digital platform.

So for example, if Hip-Hop is the users' preference and generally what the person chooses to play on Spotify...

And you’re releasing hip-hop tracks...

The algorithm spots that your music is being streamed, liked and listened to, and you have a better chance of making it onto the playlist.

How can you keep your tracks on the radar?

Nothing good ever comes easy!...

If you are serious about making it in the music business, you need to be prepared to put in the graft. 

Here are some great ways you can maximize the Spotify algorithm:

  • You need to be thinking about building exposure. Not building income. We understand everyone has bills to pay, however, getting your name out in the big wide world of music will eventually bring in the money.
    So it's all about "How can I put myself out there?" rather than "How can I sell my music to this person?"
  • Of course, you can ‘pay to play’ and many artists do, but try to play the long-game here and reap the rewards that organic growth can bring.
  • Use all of your social media platforms to share your Spotify links with your family, friends, and followers. Your fans can scan and share your song’s unique code to spread the buzz about what you do.  The more shares you get of your Spotify links and codes, the more chance you have of getting featured on an algorithm-based playlist.

Be patient. It can take up to eight weeks for the algorithm to kick in, which can be frustrating when you want to see results.

Focus on releasing your work regularly and using it wisely to gain sustainable organic growth from users who genuinely have a passion for what you are releasing.

Be sure to tell everyone about the track's release date, create a buzz around your song coming out so that on the first day it drops your people can get straight to listening.

If the release is successful the algorithm starts to notice you from Day 1!

New Music Fridays is another one of Spotify's playlist that all new and emerging artists want to be on and it ties in with Global Release Day.

Check out this video to create your own 20-day plan for your next release:

Good Luck and Keep Making Great Music! ✌️


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