5 Steps to Prepare Your Song for a Mixing Engineer – Avoid common mistakes -Get results Now!


5 Steps to Prepare Your Song for a Mixing Engineer – Avoid common mistakes -Get results Now!

Is your song ready to be sent to a mixing engineer?

If you are in the final steps of your song recording, the day it goes in front of a mixing engineer is undoubtedly a pretty exciting moment. This is the time when real value can be added to your recording, at least so long as you choose the right engineer.

The good news is that you can now access some great music industry talent on Indiy. We allow professionals such as mixing and mastering engineers as well as producers and studio facilities to advertise their services so singers, musicians and bands can hire them.

The first thing you need to be sure of before sending your song to any mixing engineer is that it’s actually good to go in the first place.

Here’s our advice on how to prepare your song:

Prepare your song for mixing

1. Make a Backup Copy

It’s a very good idea, once you’re reasonably happy with your recording, to make a backup copy. That way, if you have any problems, mess things up or choose the wrong mixing engineer, you’ve got a half-decent copy to fall back on. It takes just a few seconds to do and can save a lot of heartaches.

2. Saving Your Mixing Engineer Time (and saving you money)

As everyone knows in the world of business, ‘time is money’. If you can make things easier for the mixing engineer, they can get on with their very important job quicker and it should cost you less.

For instance, the last thing the mixer wants to be doing is organising the different tracks on your recording so that they make sense. To take the pressure off, number and name each track properly. By naming, we mean putting what instrument is on the track such as guitar, snare, drum etc.

If you have more than one song, keep the positioning and naming of the tracks consistent across all your files. Your mixing engineer will thank you a lot for this. You should also provide a written document outlining your tracklist for each song and any other details.

3. Processing and Editing Your Tracks

This is often a big talking point online, especially in forums. How much should you be processing and changing your recording before sending it to the mixing engineer?

Some say you should do what you want to get the sound or effect you’re after. Others say leave it to the mixing engineer. A happy, half-way house is to submit two versions – one you have edited to your personal satisfaction and one which has not been so processed. At least then, the mixing engineer has a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve while still having an editable file that is closer to the original.

Editing might not apply to all tracks. There may be some tracks where you have added an effect and not others. Get into the habit of giving the mixing engineer the choice of both and label them clearly in the file. Also, and this is one thing that really annoys mixing engineers, make sure all tracks are consolidated back to zero so that they don’t have to spend valuable time re-setting them.


4. Putting in a Tempo Map

The final thing you need to do is include a tempo map in each song file. There may be some parts of the song that depend on the beats per minute or tempo. Without these, your mixer won’t know what to do. Most software allows you to export this in one go and it’s an easy enough job to do.

5. Saving and Exporting to Your Mixing Engineer

Now that you have everything ready, you will need to save it all neatly in a folder. This should be clearly named. Inside this, you should have each song and all its information in a separate folder. Number the folders so when they show up they will be in the right order. You’re now good to go and can press send to your mixing engineer.

A good mixing engineer is like gold dust. If you find one you are able to work with and can afford. It will make any future recordings a whole lot easier. You can now search for a range of music industry professionals online at Indiy. Including mixing and mastering engineers, producers and other services. As well as facilities such as recording studios. Search Indiy today and build the professional music support you need.


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