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Download our FREE Spotify playlist pitch example and templates to help write a successful Spotify playlist pitch to ensure you have everything a curator wants for selection.

Do you want to learn more about how you can write the perfect playlist pitch? Read our full article here: 

365 million people use Spotify at least once a month, according to Business of Apps. There's a great chance that one of them will find your music. But how can they find your music if it's not accessible? Spotify playlists make your music easier to find. If you make your music easier to find you will see an increase in monthly listeners. But not only listeners, followers, and fans!

So, whether you're a big or small artist, you need to get your music on Spotify Playlists. To do that you need to be prepared. You need to write a pitch.

It's easy to download, simply click on the yellow button that reads "Continue (Free)" and follow the steps to download. Before you know it you will have your Spotify playlist pitch EXAMPLE and FREE TEMPLATE

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What do you put in a Spotify Playlist Pitch?

What you put in a Spotify Playlist Pitch represents who you are as an artist. It should explain to the Spotify Curator the genre, the sound, how the tracks are produced, and how they are promoted. Read our full article for more information on what you can put in to your Spotify Playlist Pitch.

Can you pitch to Spotify Playlists after release?

Yes, it is recommended that you pitch to a Spotify Playlist that best suites your track as you may still be selected even after the Playlists release.

How long is a Spotify Playlist Pitch?

A Spotify Playlist Pitch must only consist of 500 characters maximum.

What does pitch mean in Spotify?

Pitching essentially enters you into Spotify's database to be considered for selection and to be put into a Spotify curated playlist. It's essential that every artist pitch when possible so they can be selected by Spotify and promoted for FREE on Spotify Playlists.

How do you pitch to a playlist?

You can pitch to a playlist by, - Logging in to Spotify for Artists. - Finding unreleased music to pitch: - At the top of Home, select PITCH FROM NEXT RELEASE. - On web, you can also pitch from the Music tab under UPCOMING. - Choose a song and fill out the info. The more info they get, the better chance it has.

How do I know if my Spotify pitch worked?

You will know if your Spotify pitch has worked as Spotify will email you once your song gets picked. Unfortunately, you will not be notified if you have not been considered.

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