The Fear of Missing Out and how to use it with a limited budget


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When you release a song, album or video you don’t want people to check it out in their own time. You want them to listen RIGHT NOW. Take action RIGHT NOW! If you do not know what FOMO or Fear of missing out is. Get to know now!

Get using this method immediately.


What is FOMO – Fear of Missing out?

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a common psychological trigger. As humans, we are ruled by our emotions. It is based largely on your perception, looking around and seeing what others are doing.

What are others around you doing?

Should I be doing it too?

If I miss out will people think less of me?

Consequently we get anxiety when we’re missing out on cool stuff that others are getting to enjoy. We can feel out of the loop or left out.

Nobody likes experiencing FOMO!

Now you know this as a musician, you can use it to great effect through your marketing campaigns.

What does Fear of missing out look like when it comes to music?

So a great way to get coverage for your song is to show how other people are rocking with you.

Start from the easiest to the hardest to get on. Don’t go straight for XXL Mag or Billboard

Say ” Hey, I have a new release. I have some traction, 10k Streams and 5 blogs that have covered me (you can list them). I love your article on XYZ and I would be honoured of you would cover me to”

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that will work 😂

But think about it.

You created the stage. You said, hey I am doing this. I am moving with or without you. Do you want to get involved? Or look like you missed out?

Here is an awesome example we love!

If you are as old as us you may remember the track by Shaggy – It wasn’t me

When he first released his album he was getting 0 love!

Everyone was saying his music career was over!

Then 1 DJ in Hawaii started playing it. The listeners loved it. To get those listeners every radio station started begging to have and play the record!

That is FOMO in action!

Check this video here about it from Dorian at 82 Music Group

The wrap up

In summary, the Fear of Missing out is powerful!

This is why you need to build step by step. We like the article they have here on Indiy about the 1000 true fan theory

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