What is Spotify for Artists – How can you use it to Kickstart Your Music Career?


Spotify for Artists is a tool created by Spotify to cater to the challenges faced by artists.

With this tool, upcoming artists have nothing to worry about. That is to say, you have access to key information. So that they can quickly become popular within a short period of time by identifying their target audience.

All they need to do is to express their musical talent by producing exciting music.

Below we will talk you through the steps needed as an artist to fully use Spotify for Artists. To be sure you get the full benefits it can have for your music career, read until the end.

Spotify for Artists is an essential tool for musicians.

It is like a portal that helps you convey yourself correctly to your fans!

Claim your Spotify for Artists Profile

First, you will need to have a Spotify account. You are then ready to claim your artist profile.

Both artists and managers can submit to claim a profile. You can do this by following this link https://artists.spotify.com/c/access

Spotify for artists claim profile

Become Verified

Upon using Spotify for Artists you are able and encouraged to claim your profile and become verified.

When you are verified as an artist on Spotify, your fans will have additional access to you as an Artist. They will also be able to get updates about your songs.

The process of getting verified on Spotify is simple and straightforward.

Once you gain access and become verified it will add to your brand authority. As can been seen by the blue verification mark.

Spotify for artists Verified

At the same time, you can get instant access to the Spotify. Without delay, you can then use the Spotify preferred artist distributors link. Allowing you to quickly upload your music to the community.

Build a Personalized Spotify Artists Profile

You can set up your Spotify for Artists online or Spotify also has apps you can download on the Google play store and App Store.

App developers have designed the Spotify for artists app with a lot of exciting features. With the app, you can create a profile and get it approved easily.

The profile contains your bio, playlists, official Spotify playlists and other important information you want your fans to know about you.

Through your profile on the Spotify app, you can have brief information about your listeners.

Also, you can control the listener's access to your profile and also promote your songs seamlessly.

Furthermore, you can have brief information about who your listeners are and their location.

Track Your Listeners

Spotify for Artists has great tools that allow an artist to see who is listening to their music.

With Spotify for Artists, artists can track the activities of their fans on each of their uploaded songs.

The community helps you to know the song your fans consistently play.

This helps you see the song that is performing best.

You can also learn the ways through which fans discovered and listen to your music from various parts of the world.

spotify for artists stats

Control Your Profile

The artist profile is the section where music released by artists is located and organised.

When you produce a song and upload it to Spotify, fans can see this when they visit your profile and access the song.

Spotify has features like artist pick that tell the fans the music you like. Through your profile, a fan can know much about the kind of music you love to play and see your updated playlist.

Furthermore, you can edit your bios by adding interesting information about you..

You can also update your album, songs, include links of your favourite artist, and perform other essential activities.

Promote Your Shows

One of the goals of artists in the entertainment industry is to make their music known to their target population as fast as possible.

If you want to promote your music and shows, the Spotify platform is one of the best platforms to do it.

This is because the Spotify community has a large number of users. With Spotify, you can promote and create awareness for your songs and shows among Spotify listeners at the same time.

Spotify works with Songkick, Ticketmaster, AXS, and Eventbrite to show the artist's tour dates on their profile.

Spotify also suggests and recommends artists nearby shows to their fans and followers as a way of mobilizing people to attend their shows.

Sell Merch

Most upcoming artists find it difficult to sell their branded items like vinyl, posters, and t-shirts to their fans.

With Spotify for Artists, musicians can sell merchandise to their fans by partnering with Merchbar. Merch populates the artist profile with the wearable items so that fans can buy when they visit the artist's profile.

Spotify for Artists Wrap Up

In summary, Spotify is a great community where artists can build their musical careers and watch it grow within a short period. Discussed below are detailed information you need to know about Spotify as an artist. You can choose Spotify today to take your music career to the next level.

  1. Get access to work directly with your fans.
  2. Gain access to information on the activities of fans.
  3. See stream statistics in real-time
  4. Monitor the growth of your audience and fans
  5. Express yourself.

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