5 Ways to Promote Your Music Blog


You may believe making and maintaining a music blog isn’t the most important thing in the world, but a music blog can turn out to be one of your most powerful promotional tools that can launch your career to astronomical levels!

And if you’re an avid music-lover who wants to exercise their writing skills while connecting to music fans and other pros just as passionate as you are, keep reading for 5 ways to promote your music blog!


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Of course, the first thing people recommended is to invest in ads, but that’s not an option for everyone, and you won’t always be guaranteed wild success. And you always want to maximise your organic reach. Here are some other, completely free, ways to promote your music blog.

Before we get started, we advise you to create a file with the information you want to use and reuse on multiple platforms. Doing this will speed up the process and help you be more focused on what you want to release and promote into the world. Our ultimate goal for this article is to establish your social media presence, build up credibility, and most importantly, have fun while doing what excites you the most!

Promote your music blog the right way!

Use great images

If there is one thing every social media platform shares in common, it’s that they’re all about eye-catching visuals and thumbnails. So you want to use something so alluring that it makes people stop scrolling and check it out!

There are tons of free tools that allow you to create blog images and graphics. Canva is the most popular. There, you can create infographics containing your content.

Use great images

Keep in mind that each social network needs its own content image-wise. Facebook needs wider images like 1200x628px; audiences on Pinterest prefer tall images that are about 600x900px. Twitter on the other, needs short messages.

So if you have a blog post out there without an image attached, go back and put one in! Posts with images get about 94% more total views than ones without.

Pro-tip: don’t take an image from Google. There’s no guarantee which ones have copyright rules. Use your creativity and snap a picture of your own or use Canva.

Timing is Everything

If you want your music to gain traction, you need to be mindful of when you’re promoting it and posting. Focus on writing more evergreen posts, which never go out of date than timely posts that will lose interest in a matter of weeks. You’ll find that evergreen posts get likes and share weeks and months after you post them

Timing is Everything

To add to that, when you publish blog posts, you also need to plan what time to post them. The best time to post on Twitter, in particular, is between 8 to 10 a.m, from 11 a.m to 1 p.m, and from 4 to 7 p.m.

Share your blog post on social media within that time frame.

Knowing your audience plays a large role in this. Check your demographics. Where do the bulk of your readers come from? Figure out the best time frame to be convenient for them to see and share when they’re most active on social media sites.

Promote Other Bloggers

We know that this sounds a little counterproductive, but promoting other bloggers builds your network and may lead them to promote your own awesome blog in return! Often, people are glad to have recognition and your generosity will pay off in the long run. So you want to give a shoutout and promote other bloggers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

More often than not, you may strike a friendship– or at least a kinship with these fellow bloggers and expand your reach on multiple social media platforms. Then as they recommended you or mention you to their fanbase, prepare to watch your traffic and rank on Google improve! As a bonus perk, following other bloggers or people with a powerful social media presence allow you to be privy to the latest in the industry, what works and what attracts audiences.

You can find bloggers like yourself using social media. Once you’ve established trust, whether that’s by directly messaging them or supportively commenting on their posts, they’ll be more likely to visit your blog.

Find a social media influencer that shares the same niche as you and subtly and naturally engage with them. Be careful not to sound pushy or as someone who just wants free publicity. Comment and reply on their posts; be consistent, relevant and include them in your posts. Nearly 100% of the time, they’ll do the same for you. One comment from a popular influencer can bring eyeballs to your blog.

Use Hashtags and Keywords

Now that we have established places where you can promote your music blog, here’s the next step. At number four of our ways to promote your music blog, we have hashtags and keywords.

Hashtags are their own powerful promoting tool. Think of them as workers doing your work for you. No matter how much your content is engaging, and we’re sure it is!– not a lot of people can find you in the first place. This is where hashtags enter the conversation.


If you’re on Twitter, add hashtags to every second and third tweet. Facebook isn’t known for its use of hashtags, neither is Google Plus. But the goldmine that is Instagram is where hashtags work their magic. So stick on a #blogging, #music, #bloggingtips, #– your specific niche, and trending topics related to your content, especially if your music blog centres around an artist or a music genre.

If you’re stuck on which hashtags to use, check the trending hashtags on Twitter and Google Plus and use those on your posts. Keywords are the same. Pick flashy but not outrageous keywords that people are likely to type in their Google searches. If you want to take things a step higher, put your keyword in your title.

Go where the people are

Our biggest piece of wisdom we would like to share with you is this: use reciprocal sharing sites to promote your blog. These sites include Viral Content Bee and Triberr, which work on a credit system. So when you share other content creators’ posts, you earn credit, then the site lets you post your own fabulous content to be shared by others. It’s a win-win!

Next, you want to immerse yourself in social bookmarking sites. Sites like Reddit and Flipboard are your best friends. They allow you to post your content, images, and videos, distinguish them with tags, then others can add your posts to their own boards and share them with their followers.

Reddit music promo

The sites, especially Reddit, have massive communities that share your interest in music. And they have a voting system in place where Redditors or users can upvote your posts. The more shares and upvotes you get, the more the amount of traffic headed towards your blog will skyrocket!

Another way to wield social media for your promotional purposes is to use web forums to direct traffic to your blog. There are tons of active communities that love to share and post content they enjoy. Many web forums may not let you link directly to your blog posts, but having a presence on a forum establishes a close relationship with your audience. Quora is one of the best sites for this. It’s a question and answer forum. You can use advanced search filters in SEMrush to look for Quora threads for your niche.

So engage in discussions, answer questions, and you’re already a great writer, so type out a compelling author bio that links to your blog.

Start to Promote Your Music Blog today!


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