How to Submit to Official Spotify Playlists – How to Get more Streams


It’s now easier to get on official Spotify Playlists. Thanks to the existence of new tools for emerging like Spotify for Artists. Hence spreading your music to the masses.

As you may know Spotify for Artists has made it easier for music artists to share their music with their target audience.

In order to showcase and promote your music on the platform, there are some necessary steps that must be taken. But once you’re registered and have claimed your profile…

You can enjoy all the benefits of joining the Spotify for Artists community.

The first major step on any streaming platform is to create an account, upload and then submit your song.

Once your song is uploaded onto your profile it’s basically ready for playlist consideration.

Not exactly sure how to submit a song to Spotify for Artists?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, all you need to know is right here in this article…

What to Know Before Submitting a Song for Official Spotify Playlists Consideration:

Before you submit your song to Spotify for Artists. You’ll need to consider the following things to increase your chance of success…

Official Spotify Playlists

Get a Music Distributor 

The first thing you’ll need to do before you upload your song onto Spotify. is to find yourself a licensed music distributor.

It’s the first step you’ll need to take as Spotify for Artists is an analytical tool for your music and it does not cover the licensing part.

Want to learn more about music licencing? Check out our article ‘Performing Rights Organisations 101: All About PRO’s‘ right here.

You Can Submit Only Unreleased Songs 

The next thing to consider is that Spotify for Artists can only be set up by artists who already have music on the Spotify platform.

Once your music is live on Spotify, you’ll be able to sign up for Spotify for Artists.

As an artist looking to submit your song to Spotify for Artists, you can only submit one unreleased song at a time.

Only unreleased tracks can be considered for playlists, this means that any existing music you have on Spotify cannot be considered for your Spotify for Artist account.

Once the playlist editors add your song to the Spotify playlist, you can then submit another new unreleased song.

Your Music Will Appear On Customized Playlists

Once you’ve submitted a song to Spotify for Artists your fans can then access your song.

And you are guaranteed placement on your follower’s Release Radar playlists on the release date.

You Must Submit At Least 7 Days Before Your Release Date.

Your unreleased track must be submitted at least seven days ahead of your release date.

One final thing to consider is the following:  
It is not possible to submit music via a mobile phone, you’ll need a computer to complete the process.

Check out Spotify’s FAQ’s by clicking here. Or you can watch Spotify’s Official Spotify for Artists video below for some more information:

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