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Writing Services Every DIY Musician Needs

As a musician, your greatest skill could be expertly playing an instrument, belting out a beautiful ballad, or even writing amazing song lyrics. But one thing that seems to give musicians and non-musicians alike, some trouble. And that is writing about…themselves. It’s kind of awkward and you almost feel like you’re trying to sell yourself,...
June 27, 2021

Becoming a Successful DIY Musician

DIY Musician: Tips for Success
As a diy musician, achieving success involves a lot of guesswork. So at Indiy, we want to give you some helpful tips and guidance to help you reach success. Unfortunately, there’s no 100% guaranteed plan set in place. The journey to becoming an accomplished diy musician is unique to everyone and it’s not easy. However,...
June 13, 2021


What Are Vocal Presets? If you’re just starting out as a DIY artist, then you most likely use a digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows you to dive right into music creation. However, navigating DAWs like Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic X or FL Studio can quickly become overwhelming. Especially if you’re not familiar with the...
June 7, 2021


WHAT IS MUSIC DISTRIBUTION? Music distribution is the process of getting music from an artist out to the public for listening and purchasing. Traditionally, music distribution has been primarily physical with the distributor playing middle man between artist – or record label – and music store. This middle man would promote the artist’s music, get...
June 6, 2021

What is a 360 music deal? AKA a multiple rights deal

What is a 360 deal?
Want to know if signing a 360 deal is a bad idea for you? Read on to find out! A 360 deal (from 360° deal) is a business relationship and contract between an artist and the record label. In the world of music, where ‘the dream’ for many artists is the day they’ll be getting signed… Being offered a...
June 1, 2021

What is Mastering and Why is It Important?

What is mastering? Is it basically the same thing as mixing? Then again what is mixing and is there even a difference between the two?! Indeed there is, my friend. So, let’s discuss both to figure out why mastering is so important to the audio post-production process. Mastering vs Mixing As stated in the intro,...
May 23, 2021

How to promote your music with no money

For some artists, the task of gaining exposure can be a daunting one. You might be saying to yourself, “I want to promote my music but I don’t know much about marketing. Moreover, I’m not willing to break the bank to find out. So, where do I start?” Well, you’re certainly not alone! Granted, with...
May 17, 2021


“Nobody’s perfect.” We hear this all the time and have probably uttered the popular phrase, yet we still try to hold ourselves to the impossible standard of perfection. While noble, aiming for perfection can be extremely detrimental to the success and progress of creatives, especially in the music industry. Keep reading to discover why you...
May 12, 2021

Why you need to buy music services

In this installment of our Indiy education series. I want to talk about why you need music services. I say it over and over again so hopefully, you know by now, that 40 thousand songs are uploaded to Spotify every day! This means that in order for your song to stand out it has to...
April 19, 2021

The music industry is not designed for you to understand

It’s a bold statement right? But it’s true, the music industry is not designed for you to be able to understand it. So I have been thinking about this topic for some time… It is something that I think is soo important I have resisted writing it. But I think it is soo important I...
April 7, 2021

Write for us

Join Indiy as a guest blogger Do you have music industry knowledge? Write for us at Indiy. If you share our mission and want to help independent DIY musicians reach their full potential, we have the platform to facilitate this revolution! Indiy is used by tens of thousands of musicians. Furthermore, we have thousands of registered...
April 6, 2021

DistroKid – The Music Distribution Service

If you’re someone who’s involved in the music creation process or has already released a track before, then you may have heard of DistroKid! And if not, now you have right!? Perhaps, you’re here to learn all about it so we’ll assume for a moment that you’re a DistroKid dummy! That it’s brand new to...
March 22, 2021
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