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Vocal presets: How to use them to stand out in your music

Many new artists struggle with making their vocals stand out, but vocal presets can help. Using the right preset and then tweaking it to maintain your own sound and mood is a great solution. In today’s music business, presets have become a popular way for artists to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re trying...
November 5, 2021

11 Side hustles for musicians

Let’s face it, as an independent musician, achieving sufficient, steady and reliable income has always been a challenge. It’s no wonder you may have considered side hustles for musicians. Did you know earning a significant income from your music is doable! Some artists opt to get side hustles to sharpen their skills and gain experience...
August 19, 2021

Overcoming Music Performance Anxiety

Tips for Overcoming Stage Fright and Music Performance Anxiety
What is Music Performance Anxiety? Music performance anxiety is a totally natural feeling that every musician will probably experience at some point in their career. Maybe it’s your first ever gig or you’ve got the opportunity to perform for a really large crowd. Although live performances are exciting opportunities, dealing with anxiety can be totally...
August 2, 2021

The 10,000 Hour Rule: Becoming a Master Musician

You’ve probably heard of the 10,000 Hour Rule before. It tends to be common knowledge among those looking to significantly improve their skill level in a particular area. Technically, the 10,000 Hour Rule can apply to pretty much anything you can think of. Whether it’s art, sports or learning a new language, and definitely when...
July 26, 2021

What is a Musician EPK? – With Free EPK Template

What is a Musician EPK? - Free Musician EPK Template
What is a musician EPK and why do people keep talking about them? EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit and the reason people are talking about them is because they’re an extremely effective tool for marketing. Whether you’re a business, a cause or an individual, EPKs can really boost your credibility…when done well. Here’s a...
July 25, 2021

Writing Services Every DIY Musician Needs

As a musician, your greatest skill could be expertly playing an instrument, belting out a beautiful ballad, or even writing amazing song lyrics. But one thing that seems to give musicians and non-musicians alike, some trouble. And that is writing about…themselves. It’s kind of awkward and you almost feel like you’re trying to sell yourself,...
June 27, 2021

Becoming a Successful DIY Musician

DIY Musician: Tips for Success
As a diy musician, achieving success involves a lot of guesswork. So at Indiy, we want to give you some helpful tips and guidance to help you reach success. Unfortunately, there’s no 100% guaranteed plan set in place. The journey to becoming an accomplished diy musician is unique to everyone and it’s not easy. However,...
June 13, 2021


What Are Vocal Presets? If you’re just starting out as a DIY artist, then you most likely use a digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows you to dive right into music creation. However, navigating DAWs like Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic X or FL Studio can quickly become overwhelming. Especially if you’re not familiar with the...
June 7, 2021


WHAT IS MUSIC DISTRIBUTION? Music distribution is the process of getting music from an artist out to the public for listening and purchasing. Traditionally, music distribution has been primarily physical with the distributor playing middle man between artist – or record label – and music store. This middle man would promote the artist’s music, get...
June 6, 2021

What is a 360 music deal? AKA a multiple rights deal

What is a 360 deal?
Want to know if signing a 360 deal is a bad idea for you? Read on to find out! A 360 deal (from 360° deal) is a business relationship and contract between an artist and the record label. In the world of music, where ‘the dream’ for many artists is the day they’ll be getting signed… Being offered a...
June 1, 2021

What is Mastering and Why is It Important?

What is mastering? Is it basically the same thing as mixing? Then again what is mixing and is there even a difference between the two?! Indeed there is, my friend. So, let’s discuss both to figure out why mastering is so important to the audio post-production process. Mastering vs Mixing As stated in the intro,...
May 23, 2021

How to promote your music with no money

For some artists, the task of gaining exposure can be a daunting one. You might be saying to yourself, “I want to promote my music but I don’t know much about marketing. Moreover, I’m not willing to break the bank to find out. So, where do I start?” Well, you’re certainly not alone! Granted, with...
May 17, 2021
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