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Vocal presets: How to use them to stand out in your music

Many new artists struggle with making their vocals stand out, but vocal presets can help. Using the right preset and then tweaking it to maintain your own sound and mood is a great solution. In today’s music business, presets have become a popular way for artists to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re trying...
November 5, 2021


Step Up Your Music Production With Our recommended 5 TOP FREE DRUM VST plugins What is a Drum VST? So what is a VST? In the first place, VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology – Fancy right! They allow you to incorporate effects and instruments into your songs with your preferred software. These could be...
June 23, 2020


Here’s a list of 6 FREE VST PLUGINS to help you do what you love and create some awesome music! Here are the best free VST plugins of 2020. .From an audio spectrum analyzer to a VST synth, this list has only the best of the best FREE plugins available for you to download! So if you want to...
June 22, 2020

Top 5 Free Piano VST Instrument Plugins

A piano VST is a much-needed part of music production. The piano is a key instrument! There are tons of piano plugins available online, but most of them will set you back some money before you can start getting creative! So, we’ve put together this list of the Top 5 Piano VST plugins that you...
June 18, 2020

20 Best Music Software Companies For High-Quality VSTs

Want to learn which Music Software Companies to trust in for high-quality VST plugins? These companies produce the best audio plugins… Not everyone can afford expensive 3rd party plugins which is why we’ve put together this list for you of music software websites. On these music software companies’ websites, you can find the best music software and VST plugins....
June 17, 2020

4 Time-saving Plugins that will Instantly Improve Your Sound!

This article contains 4 Time-saving Plugins that will Instantly Improve Your Sound! If you’re a music producer or a sound engineer you will already know a lot about audio equipment and how to use it. These sound design plugins will help you to improve your producer skills and help you to enhance and alter your...
June 14, 2020

5 FREE DAW’s – useful music-making software for music creation!

If you’re looking for some useful music-making software, you’re in the right place! Today with the internet and the power of people connecting and sharing there’s plenty of useful music-making software available online. Although all things considered…not all are available for free! In fact, if you’re not careful, music-making software can end up costing you...
June 8, 2020

5 FREE Plugins for Lo-Fi Music

Here we have 5 Lo-Fi Music Plugins that you can download for FREE today! Want some free plugins for Lo-Fi sound? You’re in the right place! If you’re looking to remove the clean and add a bit of lo-fi grit and vintage flavor to your sound look no further… Because here we have 5 Lo-Fi...
May 18, 2020

8 best virtual instrument plugins you can get now for FREE

In this post, you’ll find the top 8 free best virtual instrument plugins. These VST’s are available online today! You won’t want to miss out on it! While you have to create an account for some of these instruments. You can also download others directly. We’ve included the links with each plugin featured below. A...
May 15, 2020

How to make home recording studio – 5 Essential Home Studio Tools to Get Started With Home Music Production

Get Your Home Studio Running With These 5 Music Production Essentials – Learn how to make a home recording studio today! How to make a home recording studio As you know, gone are the days when major labels pulled all the strings in the music industry. Music artists like Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper...
May 9, 2020

Top 6 free VST Instruments you can get right now!!

In this article, we have compiled the Most Popular & Best free VST instruments available. Keep reading to see the 6 Top FREE VST Instruments Intro What is a VST? It stands for Virtual Sound technology! Digital equipment, or audio plug-in software to be precise. Is a form of technology that integrates software synthesizers and...
May 7, 2020
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